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Tyre fitting on a budget

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by huplescat, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I picked up some second hand tyres the other day and am trying to find someone who can fit them for a reasonable price. So far I've not had a quote below $100 which just isn't doable on my budget, at least for now anyway.

    Does anyone know somewhere I can get them done for less? Or is this something I'm likely to be able to do myself with bugger all tools? I really need the bike next week :(
  2. tried Pablo's in Mt Waverley/ Glen Waverley? Just off Ferntreegully rd anyway
  3. $140 :( that's the most expensive quote so far
  4. This is the thing with guys buying tyres on line or off other vendors. If you take those tyres to a workshop and ask to have them fitted it's just flat rate labour cost like any other part. The going rate is around $120 an hour in Melbourne so I really cant see any shops fitting them below that sort of price to your VFR. Sorry, thats just the way it is.
  5. FYI... It is much cheaper if you take your wheels off and then take them and your new tyres somewhere to get fitted.

    Otherwise I agree with E2W above and I have also had a long discussion with Scott at Pablos and understand why he charges as he does.
  6. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand why it's being charged this way and sympathise with bike shops who are missing out on tyre sales due to cheap deals online and overseas.

    And if I weren't a broke arse uni student doing everything I can to keep my bike on the road and earn a living I'd absolutely pay for tyres from local dealers even of it's cheap elsewhere. But I can't afford new tyres regardless of where they're from so this is the only way I can do it and when the cost of fitting costs almost as much as the tyres it's really bloody rough.

    Edit: it sure is cheaper to take the wheels off first but I don't have the tools or the knowhow and it scares the poo out of me just thinking of all the ways I could balls it up. The actual tyre fitting part doesn't look too bad.
  7. Check out Roarin's excellent sticky on the subject of DIY tyre changing.
  8. in response to and agreeance with "E2W", huplescat, do you work for free?
    simple as that.. I know youre at uni, but would YOU work for free?? and that is what it comes down to. You dont have the tools? Workshops do, how do they buy them? They have to earn a living.. And a trusted place is priceless.
  9. Mate I'm not looking for a fight and I think I've made myself clear. No need to be antagonistic or rude. I've been respectful to those I've called up for price enquiries, this thread was just intended to see if there's another way because there often is.

    Thanks for the replies.
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  10. Yearly rent on my shop $32,000.00 (not including gas, elec, water, rates)
    Eagle SMF tyre changing machine $5500.00
    Eagle SMF wheel balancer $3000.00
    Handy SAM air bench $3500.00
    Sharp racing stand $200.00

    =Labour rate $125.00 per hour

    To fit a pair of tyres to a VFR750 1 hour labour

    Who sold you the tyres? Do they have a tyre machine?

    EDIT: Not having a go at you just trying to educate people that running a business is very expensive and you have to make money or you close down.
  11. Yes I know. See above post and kindly step down from your high horse. No the shop I bought them from do not fit tyres, it would have been done there if they did.

    Someone has very kindly pm'd the name of a shop who can do it for $50. If this means their children go hungry or they go out of business as a result they didn't mention it.
  12. Wasn't on my hight horse just trying to educate people on why bike shops charge what they charge.

    Give Jonny O a ring at GPS Imports. He might do it for beer money as long the boss doesn't catch him in the act.

    Good luck.
  13. ....or I'll fit your tyres if you come to my shop and vacume and mop the floor Saturday afternoon. Usually takes me about two hours from start to finish to get them nice and clean. All the gears here you just have to supply is the labour. What do you say?
  14. Not after getting anyone into trouble and if I had Saturday arvo free and were convinced you weren't taking the piss I would absolutely clean floors in exhange for tyre fitting. If you were actually serious then I appreciate the offer.

    All good anyway, they're booked in for Monday arvo for $50.
  15. Not hard to do it yourself, see this thread here


    hardest part is breaking the bead , but after that a couple of tyre levers work well.
    Wouldn't advise you to do it yourself if you have no mechanical know how though.
  16. Thanks, not so worried about the changing of tyres once the wheels are off the bike, getting the wheels off the bike is another matter. I'm ok with servicing, not so much with pulling big things off.

    E2W I just realised who you are (blame the tiny phone screen). I've used only you for bike work since you worked out of your garage and have sympathised with you many times when you were miffed about tight arses. Only reason you don't see me regularly now is because I'm a few hundred bucks in mechanical repairs away from having to get rid of the bike altogther so I do services myself and hope nothing major goes ping.

    Sometimes life is kinda shitty and you have to make do, some day I'd like to be in the position where I can pay top dollar for quality servicing again but it's not likely to be for a few years.
  17. Ok lady, you've touched the sympathy nerve. Get yourself around here in the morning, earlier the better. Im open from 9 till 1. Bring the tyres, bring the bike but be prepared to get your hands dirty. See you in the morning. Looks like I wont be buying a Ferrari this month either.
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  18. You Sir are a special person indeed.

    My next tyres will be bought from you.
  19. if huplescat won't come and vacuum and mop your floors I'll do it one afternoon and you can owe me a tire change?
  20. Pete, you're about to have your shop sparkling.

    huplescat, having been an utterly broke student for years before now, I can completely sympathise with your position, and having to do and feel like a tight arse out of necessity. I don't earn that much now, but it's still world's away from what it was like only a couple of years ago. In fact, when I consider the amount of Austudy vs the high costs of rent, I don't know how many students get by these days.

    Still, it taught me how to do my own motorcycle maintenance and repair work despite my ineptitude. Thank god you don't have to fit those tyres by hand. I did that several times. Worst job in the world!