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Tyre fitting @ $66 p/hr at PS far kernell

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by goddie, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Got a tyre from a fellow netrider lat night [thanks Mike] just called Peter stevens in CBD [melb] asking charge rates to replace front tyre. I almost fell off my chair, $66!!!

    The chap said the new charges are rated at 1/2 hour rate for front or rear tyre replacement and this is due to internet buying of tyres, if you buy from PS they may charge $15 to fit..

    Needless to say I passed, I called Bikes Plus [2 mins from home] $32 if wheel is on bike, so will wait till sat morning.

    Was shocked at the charge rate at PS but can understand to a degree.
  2. Yeah they charge heaps if you don't buy the tyre from them, lots of places do that.
  3. Bikes Plus quoted $20 if you bring the wheel in or $32 if you bring the bike in
  4. Half an hour seems an appropriate amount of time for that job. How fast do yo think you could do it?

    If the issue is the rate per hour go to another store.
  5. My argument is that they should charge a fair price for the job, keeping in mind if I bring my own tyres in, that's less stock they have to hold/order & less overheads for them running a business.

    My local shop is $25 if you take just the wheels in, about double that IIRC if you just drop the bike off.

    I imagine rent in Elizabeth St is slightly higher than Brooklyn...
  6. 66$ is a bit of a rip off... i'm sure they would find a reason to spend a lot of time on it as well.
  7. The cost of keeping stock etc is paid by the sale of tyres though (one reason why its cheaper to buy on the net) not by the workshop hours.

    Your one might be cheaper because of the rate per hour, what time are they charging?
  8. Less stock they have to hold, less overheads, lower labour rate.

    It's all tied together VC.
  9. Businesses are simply not run like that. Anyway i am out, think what you want. If you think they are making a killing buy a workshop and employ a mechanic and rake in the profit.
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  10. In the real world, they are.

    Ask me how I know. Go on.

    ](*,) Cheeses, mate, anything for an argument, you.
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  11. I am happy to pay for fitting, no argument on timeframe but the cost
  12. That's how kurnell got its name when captain cook landed, saw how big the area was and said far kurnell :D
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  13. I am out.
  14. I was suprised at $132 an hour, surely there are cheaper places in Melbourne?
  15. Never discount labour, the price of the tyres they sell will include some of the labour to fit.
    Think of what you do for a living, example a plumber, someone wants you to do a job provides the piping and expects you to work for a discount because they provided the pipe.
    I for one would be telling them where to go.
    $66 an hour is reasonable, what's the timeframe on the job? Will they estimate and stick to the estimate? Half hour job is $33, looks a lot like your other quote.
  16. $66 is for half hour timeframe at PS, the $32 I got quoted from my local shop said '15 min job' which it may be or may not.. but cheaper then $66
  17. ...so not quite on topic, but so far I've been fortunate to have a positive customer relationship with my local shop, Race Replica, who have been happy to throw in fitting when I buy tyres from them.

    Even though they have a competitive fitting price for your tyres onto your wheels, when I weighed it all up, even though the internet purchased tyres are cheaper, it worked out that I was only likely to save about $50 by going the internet tyre way.

    To my mind, the $50 premium is an absolute bargain because I ride my bike in to the shop, check out the stock, have a chat with the guys, talk crap, salivate over the next bike and then ride away again... that $50 premium would be chewed up in no time flat if I had to pick up the tyres, get the wheels off, drive them to the shop, get back home, put them on the bike...
  18. Oh there are, I rang PS for convenience for me as I work in town not far from them, the guy isnt sweating for work, said he had 17 bikes booked for the morning, so he must be making a dollar from it and good on him, he was almost apologetic as he said the 'new rules are' and rolled the price off..
    He did quote it is this way due to internet shopping and people rolling up saying please fit this and viola, they have a set for under $300 thru the net.
  19. If you want a job done properly, you need to pay a fair days wage for a fair days work. Have had a couple of tyres from Ferntree Gully PS, service was excellent (sorted me in short time frame), job done well, guys were friendly. I have no problems paying for that. I must also add I got the tyre from them to, was not charged for fitting, but paid there price not jakewilson price for the tyre. Didnt have to wait for delivery, remove rims, fluff around. It all boils down to how much your time is worth to you... I'm a busy person so a few extra bucks for no hastle works for me.
  20. Half an hour to fit a tyre at $66/hr is $33. High but not ludicrous. I wouldn't do it for much less. My usual tyre shop charged me $20 to remove and remount a tyre I'd bought elsewhere a few years ago. I'd expect $25+ these days, so $33 is in the ball park.