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tyre fitters

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by OscarA, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. I'm thinking about getting some tyres from the US as our dollar is so strong. Anybody know a place that will fit them in the East (Melb) and how much?

  2. You could try the bob jane at the top end of elizabeth st near the big ugly roundabout.
  3. MOst shops will fit em for you as far as I know for a price. (Lowest I've seen is $30/ tyre if you bring the rim only, up to $70/tyre if they have to remove it from the bike.) A few guys just went through the process on another forum I was watching, shipping was around $100 as well so for all the work they really didn't save much on a full set, and especially when you include the fitting (unless you can fit em yourself)
  4. Thanks for the replies.
    I've taken a gamble and purchased a set of Michelin Pilot Roads 2ct 180/55 and a front 120/70 for US$306 delivered.

    If it sets me back another $150 getting them on I'm just in front but not enough to do it again but if I can get them on for under $100 it'll be worth it.
  5. $306 delivered is a fantastic price, well done.
  6. At my shop I'd usually throw in free fitting if you buy the tyres from me. On the other hand if you buy the tyres from another store or on line it's normal labour rate of $99 per hour to fit them. If it takes about and hour to an hour and a half to fit and balance thats $148.50. So $306 plus $148 = $454 so your about $100 better off for shipping them in.
  7. Christ does any one actually ever get you to do it???

    Tyres is one of the things we're really ripped off with here, especially for commuters as you can't even get the cheaper tyres here if you want to...

    I've had a couple done and by local place charged me $20 off the bike...
  8. Most guys kick up a stink when I say $99 per hour to fit but why should I fit tyres for free that I didnt supply? At the end of the day it's a business and it needs to make money or we'll go broke. As you can see from my last post the rider is still a $100 better off.

    (PS: We're talking turning up with the complete bike, not loose wheels for $148)
  9. I'm not saying for free, but when a person can spend $100 on shipping a $150 on fitting and still be at least $100 better off, there has to be something fundamentally wrong...

    Plus the fact that whenever I want Michelins I can never get them...
  10. I agree with you. Tyre sales are a pain in the arse because theres not that much money in them. If I sell a pair of Michelin road 2's for about $550ish a set I make about $120/$140 by the time I've thrown in free fitting. So, Ive spent an hour fitting the tyres, stocked and supplied a high cost product and still only made $140 max out of the deal. Motorbike shops dont make much money out of tyre sales. The distributor is the one making the money.