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Tyre Fitters

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Ozrider58, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. was wondering who are the best tyre fitters in Melb at the moment. Need a new set of tyres for my honda 650


  2. When you say best, are you meaning price or service?
  3. I like Andy at Intyre on Nicholson street. Tis open till 7 too.
  4. Melbourne is pretty big, which part specifically?
  5. WTF? :-s

    You should always put your left glove on first
  6. Thanks was thinking around inner melbourne or west suburbs and good at setting up and balancing a new set of tyres on my tourer.

    Nicholson St suits well

  7. For what it's worth, I live in Essendon and ride to Pablo's wheelers hill/glen waverly. At the moment I am on gsx750f but selling that as my new ride arrives in a couple of days, bmw r1200c, and that will also go to Pablo's. I had a rear tyre 'played' with in Keilor Rd Essendon and they wont be touching any of bikes again.
    And Pablo's is not only professional but well priced [I believe}
  8. +1 for Pablo's .....(y)(y)
  9. I believe the Bob Jane T Mart at the top of Elizabeth St (roundabout end) does bike tyres.
  10. Tried Bob Jane's once, rolled as per appointment, guy say's 'oh machine is broken has been for a few hours' promptly rode to Pablo's and havent looked back!! That just my experience with Bob Janes re bike tyres only.

  11. Thanks for the comments ended up going to everything2 wheels for a sevice and tyre fit. Swapped from bridgestones to pirelli angels will see how it goes.