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Tyre fitter in western suburbs, vic

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by CampbellS, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Ordered new tyres last night. Need to find somewhere that don't charge an arm and a leg to fit them. Just looking to see if anyone knows anywhere that are good price wise and do a good job around the western suburbs? Or anywhere around melbourne as long as it's not too far from me here in werribee.

    Not sure this is the correct section. Please move it if it isnt.


    You can go to him or he will come to you at an extra cost. He is out in the West. Send him or his partner KittKitt a PM
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  3. Sent him a pm there. Thanks
  4. Maybe worth sending Kitt one as well. Bruce is often out on the road and doesn't get to his PMs regularly.
  5. You might also find that you could of got them cheaper from MMMTS than for what you paid, especially if you paid postage?
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  6. PM replied to :)
  7. Sorry this post is of no help.

    Honestly unless you can fit your own tyres, I wouldn't bother ordering them separately. Just find the cheapest place that can supply and fit, and be done with it. Of course unless the saving is significant (a relative term).
  8. Helped me. Got mmmts to give me a good price on fitting.

    Well I've managed to get a set of continental tyres for $240 delivered. Plus fitting. So it's the tyres will owe me $310 supplied and fitted. I Think that's a good saving. Tyres in my size are usually about $500 supplied and fitted.
  9. That's pretty good. Nice one!
  10. MMMTS - definitely the way to go ;)