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Tyre Feels Like Its Wandering

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by ametha elf, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. My Bridgestone back tyre has done over 15,000 kilometres. Hubby swears theres plenty of tread on it and it doesn't need replacing at all. Sometimes the back tyre feels like its wandering, its a weird sensation and seems to only do it on some road surfaces, not all. A bit unnerving, and my guess is the tyre really needs replacing, (but funds are very tight at present). Any ideas?

  2. Simple question but.... have you checked the air in both tyres?
  3. Air first. Then shape. Rub your hand around it and make sure it's not scalloped out.
    Then get it off the ground and make sure there is no freeplay in it. No sideways movement at all.
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  4. It could be flattened in the middle. This increases the amount that the unevenness of the road surface will bank your tyre over, making the bike feel like it's wandering. The rear tyre is more susceptible to this than the front because it's wider and it has a larger diameter to the profile. On the other hand, it could be caused by something else.
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  5. I had that feeling a few times. Turned out each time that the weight in my rack bag was a little one sided, really only a little, but apparently enough... After balancing it some, the feeling went away.
    If you use one, check your load is balanced?
  6. interesting, i also felt a similar thing happen to me before on my VTR250, wigged me out after it happened ( a few times as well) but i forgot about it until you now just mentioned it.
    i'll have to do the few checks the fellas mentioned, as the back tire does look a little aged but still life in it.
  7. Add air in it. Just because middle is wearing doesn''t mean much, low tyre pressure can.
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  8. Had the same sensation whilst riding in the rain and I had to stop and check if the tyre was not flat. Turned out the air pressure was a lot less that it should have been.
  9. If its not air pressure replace it,yeah funds might be tight but excess for insurance,injurys and time off work will make things tighter.It never ceases to amaze me motorcycles have 2 tyres and they should always be a priority if there not right or your not feeling right Dont Ride.
  10. I had that once with the front tyre of the VTR250. Scared the beejeezus out of me, but it didn't do it the next day. The consensus at the time was that I might have got diesel/oil on it at the servo I went to that day to wash the bird poo off my bike.
  11. Thanks everyone. It has the correct tyre pressure and I only notice it doing this on certain roads, have no idea why that is. I dont carry enough in my rear bag to cause it to get unbalanced but am going to get a new set of tyres as a priority because its starting to affect my confidence.
  12. Good idea and don't forget to talk to them about the wandering your experiencing.
    They may confirm issues with you after inspecting your old tyres.

    You've done enough k's on it that it could have worn in some issues regardles of the tread still on it.
    After all you're the one riding it and there's enough to think about out there without the lack of confidence kreeping in.
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  13. It's cheaper to replace a tyre or two than the whole side of the bike ... says he who's rolling around on a pair of hoops that are way past their best...

    ametha elf, when they get a bit worn, they're past their best. It may still be legal and ok, but it's not as good as it was. And it pays to check what all the others mentioned, like bike balance and tyre pressure and so forth. But even if everything's ok, old tyres will not feel as good as new ones, because they're not as good. On the bright side, this shows you're becoming an experienced rider because you notice it and know it isn't right. Hamfisted beginners wouldn't even notice it.

    Look to do both tyres. Things can feel like they're originating at one end of the bike when the real cause is at the other. It can be quite deceptive. And tyres should really be changed as a matched set anyway.
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  14. Hadn't even thought of it that way, Kneedragon :)!! So the tyre has tread grooves right along the side, but the middle of the tyre always has had no tread grooves, and I've often wondered just why that is when most tyres seem to have tread right down the centre as well. I have Michelin on the front, they are definately worn, so Im looking into getting a complete set, done some research, Dunlop 404 looks good at this stage. I'm actually getting a bit excited about putting on new tyres now! :)
  15. Just got new tyres fitted. I cannot believe the improvement, feels like a different bike and I'm still only in the wearing in stage. Old tyres had incorrect pressure (which will no longer be happening because I will be doing it myself from now on :)) and were badly scalloped as a result. Back tyre wasnt suited for wet weather riding at all, as it had no tread down centre to right on edges of tyre, tyre guy couldnt understand why it was fitted in the first place (recommended by a mechanic.....). This might explain in part why I've had some sliding issues in the wet, and definately explains why it felt like it was wandering. Very happy now :)
  16. All good. Must be a sigh of relief there. :D
  17. That's good. I feel better now.

    I like to get fuel at the same place all the time, because he's usually cheap, he's just up the road, and he's got a fancy pants new fandangled digital air gauge thing, that sets the pressure to what you tell it. I do have to hold the nozzle on because the sharp tooth has worn off the catch a bit, but that's not the end of the world. I check the pressures every time I fuel up, usually twice a week. Just make sure you can see the read-out while you're doing it, because the thing re-sets to its default pressure after about 30 seconds of inactivity, and 32 psi is wee bit low for me.

    You ride an 1100 Virago, don't you? Without looking that up, I'd think 32 ~ 34 in the front and 38 ~ 40 in the rear would be good.

    About the wandering, when they get old and worn flat in the centre, they can roll over camber changes and stuff in the road, and the less worn edge can touch down far enough from the centre line to tip the bike, as if it was a trike, or as if the back tyre was a foot wide. When the thing gets the distinct sense that it's trying to steer off somewhere on its own, and follow the slope of the road or the ridges on the road, that's often what's happening.

    Two other feelings or sensations to be aware of. If the bike starts to resist going into or staying down in a corner, and it's taking real muscle to make it lean over, more so on each corner - check for a leak or puncture in the front tyre. If the bike starts to feel like a piece of jelly, or worse yet, a half full water bed, like Pamela Anderson jogging up the beach in slow-mo, check the rear tyre. It will start feeling wobbly and wallowy, and then begin to pogo up and down in corners, a sort of corkscrew motion like a small boat in a short, sharp swell.
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  18. I am actually VERY upset with my ex-mechanic who put dry weather tyres on my bike in the first place. He must have thought "oh, lady rider, she wont be out in the rain at all" and I've had issues riding in wet weather ever since, and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Also upset with hubby for putting VERY incorrect tyre pressure in over a long period of time (he was doing 28 front 32 back and it should be 36 front and 38 back, but since he has a home tyre inflater that he likes to play with, I just let him do it thinking he knew what he was doing all along, being a bike person) Guess who is doing it herself from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So any lady riders, just know that some mechanics out there think we have no riding ability whatsoever and so will not ride in the wet weather. Vent over......
  19. didn't know you could get road tyres like that. what was it?
  20. It was a Bridgestone, sorry, dont know what model number. Here is a pic of my first ride on the brand new Bridgestone rear tyre last year, you can see it has tread down each side but nothing down the centre third at all. The owner of the tyre shop told me last week it wasn't suited for wet weather riding because of that reason.

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