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tyre feedback

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Micheal A, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. Hey y'all - hate to bring up the tyre subject again, but am wondering if anyone's had experience with - Michelin Pilot Road, or Dunlop D208??

    I mostly commute, but through a lot of roundabouts at speed, then usually go on weekend day rides.
    Any thoughts would be apreciated... Oh! And it's a heavy bike!!
  2. Sure thing, Michael. I've been using PR's for about 3 years and have had excellent results with them on my VFR750. Last front tyre got 18800k/s and I am 10000k's into a rear tyre and still heaps of tread left. Like you, I do a mix of riding and I find that, if you keep the pressures right and warm them up a bit before you start ear 'oling, they are great. Highly recommended.
  3. Thanks rc - what pressure do you run them at? I tend to always run mine a little low.....
  4. When you're commuting you should run about (this is for my bike) 36 in the front and 38 in the back. Add about 4 pounds to that when touring or spirited riding.

    Lower pressure build up heat quicker which is desirable in commuting situations, but also wears the tyre quicker and leads to premature wear along the middle of the tyre, making it "squarer" in profile and the bike less manoueverable when you're cornering hard.
  5. RC

    Don't forget the weight factor. Some of us are a little heavier due to bone structure and heavy leather jackets, boots, strides etc, so a liitle more pressure is good. 8)

  6. So I should be running, say 50psi? :LOL:

    I've got a d208 on the front and (can't remember) a dunlop sport/touring type of thing on the back. Did about 10,000k before both were shagged. I didn't really have any problems with grip that I could blame on the tyre.

    I'm replacing them both with Pilot Roads in the next week or two, so I'll see how they go.
  7. Pilot roads , as Rc said are gr8 . Only had mine on for a couple of months but am totally happy with their performance . I dont need to adjust the pressure , im normal weight :wink: :p .