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Tyre feedback appreciated

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Hey all,.

    Yes, it has been a long time. Ok, here is the picture so far.

    Have been using Dunlop 208GP tyres for a while now and have been very happy. LOVE THEM

    Have changed and am trying the pirelli SuperCorsa Gp type equivalents. Feeback, they take FOREVER to heat up and the front and back are constantly sliding. Did 100km this morning and the tyres were look warm?????? I am running 38 in the front and 36 in the rear as recommended by the tyre supplier......

    What is everyone elses experience with the Pirelli's???

  2. Luke warm? as opposed to Look warm :p

    Perhaps drop them a couple of PSI to get them warmer quicker?
  3. Hey Vic,

    Yeah, I thought about that..... May try this weekend.
  4. My off at PI was on the Pirelli Diablo Corsa's, in the wet and cold, and yeah, even when lapping for 5 laps on the track the tyres weren't even warm.

    For winter use the Michelin Pilot Powers are meant to be one of the better sport tyres in terms of reaching a good operating temperature even in cold conditions.

    Am fairly convinced that the Corsa's lack of ability to pick up heat, even when run at 30PSI, in the cold lead to the circumstance where I mistakenly believed that the tyre was being scrubbed in (new tyre) when it wasn't. Inspected it post-crash and there was still heaps of that waxy new-tyre crap on it.

    I would probably suggest that if you're regularly riding in sub-10C conditions that the Pirelli's are probably not the best choice, and the Pilot Powers would be the way to go.

    If dry and sunny, and above 15C, the Pirelli's are fantastic tyres.
  5. Hey Cathar, that is what I figured.

    Anyone want a set of tyres? I am going back to the Dunlop GP's
  6. If you like the Dunlop GP, then seriously give the Michelin Pilot Powers a go. I had GP's on my bike when I first got it, and the Powers do warm up faster on cold days.
  7. Actually, I am interested in your tyres. Will keep them in the garage until the weather gets warmer. What are their sizes, and how much you looking for them?
  8. second that mate, I have the Pilot Powers on now and they warm up quickly :grin: even in the near zero degree temperatures at the moment :shock:

    Been up through the twisties very late at night and it was freezing cold and they warmed up quickly and stuck like glue :!: unlike previous Dunlop tyres which just didn't want to warm up :evil:
  9. I recently put a Dunlop Qualifier on the rear for the superbike school yesterday and it was an absolute treat. Nearly got the guys to replace the 'only' half worn D208f on the front but I was in the last group that finished at 5pm (shop closed :cry: )

    I put the tyre on initially as the front was a Dunlop and figured to just replace both in the future with the Pilot Sports everyone raves about. Will give a full set of Qualifiers a try before I consider the Pilots now. Some say these are a rebadged D208 - THEY ARE DEFINATELY NOT!

    I am (was) not a confident rider and during the day I noticed that I had forgotten about the rear end wiggles due to the confidence I had in the performance of this tyre - cannot say the same for the front though in one instance at least.

    Regards, Nick