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Tyre distributors- get your s*@t together!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Heinz_Guderian, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. My gal has a VFR400- it has slightly unusual tyre sizes. It came with mismatched, worn tyres two years ago.

    We replaced them, but only GPR70 production race tyres were availabe as a pair- not from the shop, from the distributors. So, even though she does not want proddy race tyres for her slow commuting and freeway work, they went on.

    They are now in need of replacement, after months of dubious handling/steering because they wore flat in the centre. Our local shop has a GPR100 rear- good tyre, just the thing. But now as it was two years ago, and as it often was back when I worked in bike shops in the late 90s, there is no easy access to a pair. Rego is due next Wednesday and we need a front as well.

    Other distridutors are not much better: either they don't bring in the appropriate tyres or they can't keep stock.

    My question to distributors:

    How freaking hard is it to keep in stock pairs of tyres?! For a not-that-rare bike? Do we have to buy the next-next set of tyres now, because you'll be out of stock next time, too? Or should we order months in advance becasue despite computers you can't manage your stock?

    Or would a distributor like to suggest alternative, available, appropriate tyres?
  2. I agree Heinz, I usually allow a month or so for the shop to get hold of a set of tyres, all it depends on is whether the distributor has any in stock (as you've noticed!).

    A set of gpr100's would be just the thing for her, but I usually run a gpr80 rear (gpr100 predecessor, virtually teh same tyre) and gpr70 front.

    Even though the 70 is softer, they usually wear at about the same rate, and the front will be seriously sticky if you ever need to use the brakes in anger.

    Other popular options for the nc30 in 18 inch rear are bridgestone BT092's (comparable traits to the gpr100) or the race version, BT090 (comparable to gpr70). Maybe try checking teh availability of those.

    Good luck getting them!
  3. When you've been a wholesaler, I will listen to your arguement again.

    Rule No.1- you can't please everyone!

    Distributors are just another business, they want to stock the stuff that turns over quickly, because that's how they make money, something they don't have an unlimited supply of. So if an item goes out of stock that is not a very big seller and another that is a major seller goes out of stock at the same time, where would you spend the money to purchase new stock?

    Sad truth.
  4. Well actually the VFR400 was never imported into Australia any that are here are actually grey market bikes, and they are far from common.

    Ragging an importer because they won't provide parts backup for a bike that wasn't imported is unreasonable.

    The shops that import grey market bikes say things like "come to us for your spare parts"... well put simply it is those same grey market importers responsibility to arrange parts and tyres are parts!.

    This sort of thing an ongoing problem with grey market bikes, and is one of the main reasons (insurance being the other one) that I recommend against actually buying a grey market bike in the first place!

    And yes a wholesaler will keep parts for common bikes that are grey market (because they will make money off those parts), but no way is it thier legal (or moral) responsibility to do so :roll:
  5. I'm looking at purchasing a set for my ZXR600 in the next few weeks and my bike shop guy hasn't mentioned anything to me about tyre availability being a problem. From what I've been told it's a strange size (16") but I think because it was Aus delivered I'm in a slightly better position than you Heinz

    The VFR400 is an awesome bike :)
    I test rode one about a month ago before I got mine and the performance was incredible (mind you I haven't ridden anything faster than a GS500)
    In the end the dealer wanted too much for it and despite his "special this weekend only sale" that happens every weekend would only go down to $7.5K which was way more than what I was willing to pay.
  6. I had teh same issues with front tyres for the Z and the GTR (19" and 18" respectively). Instead of wasting my time with local bike shops who wouldn't order in what I wanted, I just buy them online at the people who want to actually work for my money. Works great for me!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. VFR400

    Heinz, I used to have a VFR400 and it was a pain getting tyres back then 5 years ago, the reality is, you can't expext that shops will have the correct tyre for you on ther day. It is YOU who has to get your *&^( together and think in advance! NO one's fault just think ahead.