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Tyre Damage

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by AndyMac, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. #1 AndyMac, Mar 26, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2016
    This is a damaged tyre from the weekend.

    Bike is a Ducati 848 - Aftermarket fender eliminator failed, the number plate & bracket broke off. The plate was shot off, and the bracket must of held on via the plate light for a bit and eventually snapped and got wedged between the swing arm and the crown (top) of the tyre.

    Wore a nice groove in 700km old Corsas. The bike has been ridden home and again today. Can't feel any change
    in the bikes handling. No pressure lost.

    Leave or Replace - bike is due at Eastern Creek in a fortnight, tyre is about 700-1000km old. I'm thinking replace?

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  2. It is the top of the tyre. Cant imagine its gunna get that much punishment at eastern creek. Would assume the rest of the tyre will match it by the end of the day :D

    Wonder whether it'd pass scrutineering though?

    Then again, that last photo looks pretty bad....
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  3. couple of smokey burnouts to reshape the crown? :)
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    Yeah, was mainly scrutineering I'm worried about. Usually with these things I'd be replace without a second though, but this one has me at "is it actually okay".

    The wear hasn't seemed to go deep at all, even in the last photo, comparing it to the tread groove......

    Hard one.
  5. take it to a tyre place/dealer and see what they say, that is if you trust them to give you an honest opinion.
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  6. Would leave it. EC will wear out your sides more anyway.
    Just keep an eye out through out the day and can alway change the rear wheel in the garage at EC for not much more than a shop would charge.

    Don't forget that tyres have reinforcements under all that rubber.