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Tyre choices for a 2012 Sportster?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Fa1c0n, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wondering if anyone knows what my tyre choices are for a 2012 sportster.
    I've always gone on the mechanics recommendation - but I am not sure this is a good plan any longer.

    The original tyre that came on the rear was terrible. Tried a different one last time around and it was pretty decent.

    I don't actually know how to see what range I can choose from, I know how with cars, is it the same with bikes?

    @Wascal@Wascal I am calling on you as our resident sportster expert. What do you recommend I run on the rear?
    What brand do you use?

  2. I don’t know what size your tyres are but I use IRC Wild Flares on my FJ1200. I am on my 4th set, love those black donuts heaps of ks out of a set, and stick like shit to a blanket. I have a mate that put a set on his Yamaha Vmax and instead of breaking traction he was able to put it on the back wheel. He was very impressed. What I liked most about them is $250 for front and rear ride away.
  3. what do I recommend for tyres?....... black ones.

    I have no idea what you want from a tyre or even sizes your XL runs, but if it was mine I would be looking for hard compound tyres for maximum life, its no sports bike with crazy lean angles.
    I've been using Michelin PR2's for awhile now, they are a dual compound sport touring tyre. hard in the centre for long life, softer on the shoulders for grip in corners.
  4. Do you have any problem putting torque down in the wet with hard tyres? That is my main concern.

    Does this make any sense to you:
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  5. I ordered another Dunlop GT502. $259 + $65 fitment.
    Can't go past that sexy, sexy, traction. Particularly in the wet.
    It's a soft tyre, last about ~10k.
  6. Hey Fa1con, did you look at the Pirelli's ? MT66 or Night Dragon ?
    The MT66 seems to be made for the standard cruiser while the Night Dragons look to be purpose made for the later Harley's.
  7. I did not. I have now though. About the same price.
    What tyres are you running?
  8. I've just got Bruce (MMTS) to get me a Night Dragon for the rear to try out.
    Great price. $100 off your prices above.
  9. 1. MMTS?
    2. I am not looking for cheap tyres, I am looking for good tyres. I know this one is good, used it before.
  10. MMTS - Check their thread
    MMMTS Tyre Fitting Mobile Service
    Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by MMMTS, May 14, 2012.

    Bruce & Sharlene(@Kitt@Kitt) long time members.

    They don't supply cheap tyres, but can supply tyres cheaper than retailers. I was quoted $250 fitted for a MT66. MMTS can supply the next model up (night dragon) for $150 but they can't fit a big cruiser tyre.
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  11. Cant find the thread mate.
    Check out this search:
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  14. 10Mm is pretty good economy when you consider it's a 1200cc worth of torque and it's not light. In fact any more ks and I'd say it's too hard.

    Avon to OK tyres in the more unusual sizes. The 48 runs a 16" front from memory(?). It's going to be tough to get a good 16" front. To get a decent front tyre you'd have to swap to an 18" wheel, which are rare on Hardleys. Mostly they run 19" or 21". Getting good tyres for these sizes isn't easy either, though I can imagine the better 19" tyres are better than the best 16".

    Some Jap bikes run 16" wheels, but I'm not sure those tyres will fit a Hardley rim.
  15. Dude, your display picture is so distracting...

    Conveniently I can get a GT502 from dunlop for the front also. :)