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Tyre choice for GSX 1250 FA

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by cheazdad, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Currently have a set of Pirelli Angel GT's fitted with a ton of wear left on them, but the front profile leaves me wishing for something that's going to handle better and turn in a bit faster. Bike came with these already fitted but the wear on the front is starting to flatten off. Overall, not happy. So what to choose, looking at a set of sportmax 2's which I'm hoping will give the bike a more sportier feel to it (note also I've had the suspension upgraded by ProMecha here in Melbourne). So what do you suggest ?

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    Bridgestone T30 Evo
    Metzeler RoadTec 01

    I've liked Bridgestones BT023 on my GSX650F and Bridgestone T30 on my R1200RT, the Evo version is said to better the T30 which replaced the BT023.
    The Metzelers tested better than everything else in a credible german test in the last year or so.
  3. I've loved Metzelers for years on my Bandit 1200S.
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  4. I'm trying to find the motorrad tyre test of the RoadTec 01.

    Here is a group test on Yamaha FJR1300 bikes where the previous model Metzeler RoadTec Z8 won.
    Best tires 2015 for touring motorcycles
  5. From that last group test it's apparent that the Dunlop Roadsmart is a decent thing too.
  6. So... in the end I had the tyre place pull the existing front off and sit it alongside a new Pirelli Angel GT and you guess it, despite having a ton of tread the top of the tread had flattened off and the sides had scalloped in, so we tossed on a new Angel GT, kept the back as it has a ton of tread on it and a decent profile and it's transformed the bike, confidence is back and it's lightened the steering no end. So now to see how it wears. Thanks for all the advice folks.
  7. I have a 1200 Bandit, so similar it makes no difference.

    I'd recommend PR3's. I did have Metzler M1's on it at one stage, but I only realistically got 5000km out of the rear. Then I tried the Mezter Z4. I got 10,000km out that. But then I put on the PR3's. 15,000km from the rear, and I found that had brilliant grip even in the wet.

    Right now I'm on a tight budget and have ContiMotions on it. they are cheap, the last well and while they aren't as good as the PR3s, they are far from the worst tyre I've had on it. That tittle goes to the Macadams that were OEM in 2002 - woeful tyre that did the bike no favours.