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Tyre choice (cbr250s)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by VS0P, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I need to replace my tyres and was wanting to know what your experiences are with different brands.

    My bike is a cbr250rr, its my first bike and I dont know too much about tyre choice. I really just want to hear your opinions on the best tyres for my bike when it comes to cornering, wet weather, tyre life and everyday traffic.

  2. Dunlop arrowmax are SHIT. Avoid.

    Michelin Pilot Active and the Bridgestone weenybike tyres (forget their name) are quite good.
  3. Bridgestone Battleaxe.

    I'm about to fit pirellis to mine, shop recommended them so i'll give them a go.

    Arrowmax are shit, much like using hardwood or soap for tyres :)
  4. Had no problem with GT501 Arrowmax's. I'm not sure why everyone on Netrider is against them. I use them on my FZR250 and am able to lean over so much to get the pegs scraping. They don't take long to warm up and offer good mileage. Everyone said don't use them for your track day you will highside and they will let you down. They didn't let me down, they impressed me as I rode around the outside of bigger bikes in corners.
  5. On my GSF250(im sure the tyre size is very similar) ive got bridgestone Battlax BT92R on the front, good tyre, very sticky, i assume its dual compound as ive easily scrubbed out the edges of the tyre before the middle, its got a decent wear rate.

    Then ive got dunlop Sportmax GPR-100 on the back, also quite sticky, but perhaps a little harder compound, its very well wearing.
  6. Id like to find out if if they guys who say Arrowmax are shit say that because on the track they dont perform as well as others?

    Im still learning to ride and take my bike out as much as I can on public roads.

    Iam prepared to spend money on good tyres, but not money on tyres that have a purpose im not going to use.
  7. i suggest gpr a10. great tyre. They will give a great confidence boost, they grip like hell and have quite reasonable like. Just under $400 for both, i think is well worth it, and u know they wont drop u mid corner like some other dinosaur skin tyres.
  8. gpr a10 the best for track days but would wear the quickest....
  9. If you want longevity go the Bridgestone Battlax BT45s. They're a dual-compound touring tyre so there's no shortage of grip on the edges but plenty of life in the middle. I managed over 15,000kms out of a set on my old 250 and they weren't new when I bought the bike. Friend of mine ran Dunlops (Arrowmaxes I think) on a 250 Bandit and only got about half that mileage out of a set - they didn't seem to offer any real noticeable advantage in grip either. In fact if anything the Bridgestones seemed better in corners, and 250s don't exactly struggle for traction in a straight line on any tyre.
  10. I can't say i've ever used arrowmaxes on the track, but my experience with them on the road was less than impressive.

    Mind you this was years ago, and only on one bike so it may have been the particular tyres. The next tyres on that particular bike were pirellis, which were a huge improvement. Personally i've always run the bridgestones, BT45 i think and have been quite happy with them.
  11. How much are BT45s? I think I will get these for my FZR next.
  12. I started with arrowmax on my old 250RR. I don't know if there are different types, but once I changed to Michelin Pilot Active I realised how much better riding could be! Perhaps there are different arrowmaxes? I found the Actives (similar to Pilot Power - made for 250s) much better for twisties riding as the profile was a lot more angular like a V, allowing for easier flicking from side to side. They also seemed a lot grippier, even in the wet.

    Maybe the arrowmaxes have a bad name coz shops put them on just to roadworthy a bike, so they might have been lying about for ages, going brittle?
  13. There are the 301's and the GT501s. The GT501's I have heard are a lot better. They are not sports tyres but sports touring.

    The GT501's look like this

  14. Quite possible, alot of the shops seem to fit these as a cheap tyre for imports and such. (Well that's the impression i got)

    Nightgash, If you had arrowmaxes on when following me then passing me through the top of the black spur some time ago, then they can't have been too bad. Not trying to say how fast i am btw, but we weren't hanging around either from memory.
  15. Yes mrx78u they were the GT501 Arrowmax's. I think they probably have a different feel to other tyres as they might be a bit stiffer than others? Maybe this is the reason most don't like them.

    They are much cheaper than the GPR a10s being around half the price.

    mrx78u at Broadford I was leaning over and touching my pegs down which was a lot more lean angle than when I was with you and they hung on no problem at all.

    I think a lot of the 250 grey import bikes have them fitted and the problem is some of the tyres have gone off or are cracking which is not good. I talked to the Yamaha Dealer near me and they told me they were a good tyre choice for the FZR250.
  16. some very good posts there!
    Im going to fit the arrowmax today. After about a week I will post my opinion on them. I hope this doesnt turn into a "i told you so" thread!
  17. Just make sure they are the GT501's. This will be interesting to see how you find them!
  18. Good luck with it. I look forward to your review soon. :)

    I'll give my opinion on the pirellis once they're on.