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Tyre choice again for my zx2r. PLZ HELP ME

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by GForce, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. i am up for new tyres for my front and rear. they both pretty shagged and btw they are GPR70s.
    anyhows my problem is that the rear seems to square off and now i am thinking of getting the gpr70 for the fronts and gpr100 for the rear.
    what are your thought of the gpr100? are good enough for the hills? i am just worried that it wont grip enough in the hills.

    plz give me your advice

  2. The only tryes I ever ran on my 250 were the Bridgestone Battlax Dual Conpound tryes and they were fantastic so if you want a change all together they are great and being dual compound they wont square off as quickley.
  3. I got gpr70sp on my RGV. They handle great and warm up quick. Stick with the 70's they are perfect for the smaller capacity sports bikes.
  4. +1 for the Bridgestone Battlax. My first ride after getting them was in the wet and they fely better than my old Dunlops in the dry.

    They are still going well after a couple of months and a couple of thousand ks.
  5. GPR70's are pretty overkill for a 4stroke 250 unless ALL you ever do is flat out twisties or trackdays. They are designed as a DOT approved race tyre for strokers and 400's.

    The GPR100 will give you more than enough grip in the hills, i doubt you'll even be able to notice a change unless you currently manage to reach the traction limits or your 70's (doubtful)
  6. +1, get the bt45's i had them on my ZX2R, i got 12,000 k's and then sold the bike, they still had tread on them when i sold it.
  7. + 1 more for GPR70's, and stop riding in straight lines.. :wink:
  8. im still thinking of the gpr70 only because it will give me the extra grip i need when im in the hills if i need it.
    anyone else have more to add about the gpr100s?
  9. anyone got anything to add before i get new tyres next wk?
  10. Is your bike really a 2004 model or 2004 complianced?
    I don't know shit about tyres so that's all I've got to add :grin:
  11. 2003 assembled (built) and 04 complianced
  12. only a few days before i get new tyres. any last advice you guys can give me?
  13. Awesome,
    I didn't know they still made the ZXR250's that recently.
    Mad little bikes I've ridden a few friends ones and I definately prefer them over the CBR's
    Any styling changes in the newer model over the 250C???
  14. about tyres plz :LOL:
  15. I used to run pilot powers on the Hornet 250 i had...very good tyre but as always you are going to sacrifice wear if you want grip...maybe try the slightly harder tyre on the rear and see what you think...in the end with the Hornet I put a power on the front and a sport on the rear as i commute everyday...the extra mileage was worth sacrificing a little grip. everybody likes to think that they use all the available grip from their tyres but very few people actually do...so bearing that in mind maybe a slightly harder tyre may suit if your doing the daily commute thing :)
  16. [IMG:640:480:d12c5b1d13]http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c172/Roarin/NZ%20Trip/Touringtyres.jpg[/img:d12c5b1d13]

    GPR 100s on my 400. As they say a picture says a thousand words :wink:
    However -there are better tyres in the wet. Specially as they wear down.[/img]

    PS I've been through 4 sets on my 400 -averaging 6-7500kms/set. So that says something :)
  17. Incorrect. They stopped making ZXR 250s in 1996. The more recent bikes had just been sitting in warehouses since then. They're still 'new' bikes in that they hadn't been ridden but have been sitting around unused for a long time.

    With regard to tyres just go the harder compound. You don't need a sticky rear on a 250 4 stroke, they only have 40hp. My dirtbike puts out more than that! They simply won't spin the rear up unless it's pouring rain.
    If you're cornering hard the front will let go well before the rear.
  18. sorry outbreakmonkey i think your wrong about the bike. they had spare parts laying around as the bike therefore was not built and assembled until 2003. anyways it doesnt matter but thank you for your advice on the tyres.
    i am now saving up for the gpr100 rear and gpr70 front. i had the money but other things came up and needed money so ill update this thread when i get them.

    cheers guys
  19. Id run a BT45 on the rear for better mileage, you really wont need anything grippier on a 250. But the BT45 fronts are shit, so run something softer on the front, possibly your gpr70 if you are happy with them.
    Some people hate running two different tyres on their bikes for some reason, but there is absolutly nothing wrong with it, i have been doing it forever, why run a tyre that isnt the best on the rear, just cause it matches the front.