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tyre change

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by tonee, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Where's the cheapest place to change tyres in inner western suburbs?


  2. In your own back yard, with about 20 bucks worth of tools.
  3. I found Bike Plus in Essendon which does $20/tyre. However I will look into DIYing it and what tools are required ta!
  4. For $20 buck a tyre y would u bother,i presume that they would be balanced as well.
  5. Nup, no balancing I don't think. They were simple swaps and thats it. Funny I found a thread on how to change a tyre on the main forum page
  6. Because, not only do you save yourself 40 bucks on a set, you save yourself all the hassle of balancing your bike while you take both wheels out, you save yourself the hassle of battling traffic on the trip to and from the tyre fitters to drop off the wheels, and you save yourself the time and hassle of battling the traffic again when you go to retrieve your wheels. Plus you gain some satisfaction from doing something that the average muppet can't, or is too lazy to do. But that's just me. :)
  7. Yeah maybe its me but i have done my share of tyre changes over the years and i have a shop thats close that i just ride in and ride out.Jobs done and with the time i save i am out scrubbing them in.But i do believe that its good for newbies to know how to get there wheels off on back on.Your intructional thread is a good read for them.