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Tyre change, now vibrations - help?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dave79, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I"m after a bit of advice if you can spare it (i'm still relatively noob-ish, so be gentle 8-[). i've got an 07 vstar650 custom which needed a new back tyre put on to replace the stocker (that lasted 24000k's). i chose a metzeler marathon to match the front which i got about 5000 kms ago. i was keen to see how/if a matched pair would make a difference to the ride.

    when i got the bike back from the shop i noticed a few things on my way home.

    -i was feeling vibrations through the pegs and handlebar when decellerating in 3rd or 4th gear from 50 down to 30.
    -i felt definite 'tingling' vibrations through the pegs when i got up to 70 and was going in a straight line, with no lean.
    -when leaning the bike to go through light sweeping turns at 70, the vibrations subsided, but sure enough at the end of the turn, straightened up and the vibrations came back again.

    i checked my tyre pressures when i got home, and again the next morning when cold and found that the shop had underinflated the tyres by about 8 psi (metzelers like psi, apparently!!). i fixed that up and was still getting the problem, admittedly less so.

    went back to the bike shop and outlined my issues. apparently all 3 guys who worked there had a ride on the bike and they couldn't feel what i was talking about. they took the wheel back off and had a look to make sure nothing was wrong, and made sure they put it back on properly. when i enquired about possibly doing a wheel balance, they flatly refused to do so, swearing blind that it didn't need it (can't remember the exact reasoning they gave unfotunately). i was kind of disappointed that they didn't humour me. i'm no mechanic, but a wheel balance in this situation seems logical... happy to be educated on this one though.

    after all this, i still have the problem, which i confirmed on my ride home from work today. keep in mind that this issue was definitely not happening with the old rear tyre before it went into the shop (70 kph is the cruising butter zone for this bike). i'm tossing up whether to take it to another bike shop... i'm also going to recheck my tyre pressures before i do anything to make absolutely sure this isn't a factor (i've had a couple of rear flats, so i know what under-inflation feels like). has anyone experienced the same thing as the above situation? i'll kick myself if it's something really simple, like tyre pressures, but at least i'll gain the experience.

    apologies for the essay, and appreciate it if you've got this far. any advice would be welcome.

  2. I'm surprised the wheel wasn't balanced as a matter of course when the tyre was fitted. The shop I go to does it every time. If they won't even contemplate checking it take it elsewhere. Frankly, if they underinflated it as well, I'd go elsewhere anyway. For good.

    Another thing which can happen (but shouldn't with a pro) is that a small part of one of the beads doesn't seat, leaving you with a non-circular tyre. The effect is usually pretty bad though, more like riding a jackhammer than feeling a slight tingling.
  3. I'm with Pat; I've NEVER had a tyre fitted that wasn't balanced as a matter of course.

    Flick'em and get a better shop.
  4. My tyre changes too have all included balancing without even having to ask...
    Doubt I'd go back to a shop who refuses to balance...
  5. Did they put the tyre on the right way. It could be spinning backwards. There should be an arrow to point in the direction it should be spinning.
  6. Every tyre should be balanced when it is put on. Even If it is the same tyre going back on !!!!
    Go down with a remi bouble barrel and get the lazy pricks who cant even inflate a tyre properly to do it right or you will start on their knees and work your way up.

    And don't ever go back there. Name and shame son name and shame.

    Cruiser tryes if left under inflated can cause vibrations. The following block on the tread pattern sits up higher than the preceding block. Causing a vibration.

    I would be sending an email too www.michelin.com.au. They import Metz as well. And they hate hearing stories like this. The grease monkeys don't deserve to sell anything but Chinese crap.
  7. Thanks for the response guys. All good advice.

    Just checked and the tyre is on the right way. Didn't even think about that - good call!

    If I had a shotgun... If only I had a shotgun... Hmmm...

    Time to research new bike shops methinks. It's a shame coz this particular one is quite convenient. Though I'd prefer safety and confidence over convenience at the end of the day...
  8. + to the above. The pure flaw in them claiming it doesn't need balancing is that you don't know until you check, and there's no guarantee a particular tyre (or the rim, for that matter) is in balance. Likewise, I've never had a car of bike tyre that didn't need some weights to get the balance right.

    If it's as you say, then they are talking utter shite. I'd go elsewhere, pass this on to the tyre supplier and maybe even the MTA or whoever applies here, assuming the place has an accreditation. You could be saving a lot of people problems in future.
  9. ok, update....

    went and made absolutely sure of the tyre pressures - nothing wrong there.

    i remembered one reason why they refused to do the wheel balance. because there was no 'wobble' in the handling, which apparently is a result of an unbalanced tyre. surely so are the symptoms i'm describing??

    i figured out another way to describe the symptoms. the feeling between 30 and 50 has the same feel as when lugging the engine (shuddering/juddery), even though i'm accelerating/decelerating using engine braking. when i get to 70 the feeling through the pegs is as if someone is continually scraping the frame with a piece of tube steel - unnerving and uncomfortable. i also noticed a slight pulse through the pegs at the speed at which i imagine the wheel revolves.

    anyone know any good mechanics in the redfern/zetland area? i'll be so pissed (and relieved of course) if a wheel balance does actually fix this...
  10. Any bike shop with a service department should be able to handle something that simple mate ;-) retarded place you went notwithstanding...
  11. Seriously crazy talk the line they fed you.
    No tyre or rim is perfect. So you are balancing those two imperfect things together.
    The thing that gets me is it's a simple five minute job to make sure its all good. And eliminate the tyre they fitted if need be.
  12. It could be any one of a number of things, but if it wasn't there, then the tyres were changed, and now it's there, it's pretty indicative of wheel imbalance.

    Does the tyre have a coloured dot somewhere on the side-wall (it may be hidden by the rim)? This is supposed to be lined up with a corresponding mark on your wheel (the mark may possibly be hidden by the tyre). When these are lined up, the "out of balance" of the tyre and wheel will cancel each other out as much as possible, so less balancing weights will be needed to balance them (and there will be less eccentricity). If they're not aligned, it's harder to balance the wheel because it's likely to be running eccentrically (ie: the centre of the tyre tread isn't at the centre of the wheel hub).

    Also, your wheel/tyre might be fairly well balanced in the sideways direction (hence no rock of the bars - if it's the front that's out), while it might still be out of balance.

    Now for one "from left of field"... The tyres might be balanced, but they might've damaged a wheel bearing...
  13. They're talking crap. Never, ever go back there.
  14. Not saying that this is your problem, but I know a guy who had your symptoms after a service. In his case the workshop had misplaced some spacers from his hub assembly and decide to just put it back together without them (!), which caused wheel wobble and destroyed his discs.
    Get another shop to check it all out now.
  15. I have had an " out of round " tyre too.

    Rare but it dies happen.
  16. If this proves to be the case, go back twice. Once to get your spacers and again at 3am to torch the place.

    That was a joke, BTW, not an incitement to criminal and dangerous behaviour.
  17. Pat your on a roll mate ha ha :)
  18. yes, found the dot but can't see the mark on the rim. love those left of field problems. will be asking the shop i'm going to on saturday (not the one from the OP of course) to check. thanks for the tip!

    good tip - will get the mech's to check this too. this makes sense to me due to the alleviation of the symptoms during lean. worried then that i might be doing damage to the shaft drive if this is the case...

    hahaha yes i know Pat :) i do plan to go back there after i get this sorted to tell them what they did wrong, how they caused me grief, and how many people i've told. still tossing up whether to name and shame (i know bretto, i'm too nice...). maybe i'll decide after i see what they have to say for themselves when its all fixed.
  19. Maybe I'm just kissed on the c@ck, but I never balance my tyres. I just balance the rims with a valve fitted, and forget it. So far, I'm yet to find a tyre that displays any sort of out of balance symptoms, and that's heading well North of 200. All in the name of testing mind you.
    To put your mind at rest, you could balance your wheels yourself. MotoGP style. Not difficult at all. Google it. Then you can be quite sure that it's not some d!ckhead that has no idea what they're doing, that's causing you dramas.
  20. I'm wondering if they are old and hard or over inflated. Or just have more air in them then you have been using or neglecting. Not sayin just thinking out loud.
    Your old ones might have been all old and comfy. Almost working like a damper to the vibes the bike already had.
    And the new ones are giving you more feel. And what your feeling is it just vibing and pulsing into the torque zone from just under it.
    ya know ... before we go lynching some poor slob. Nah lynching lynching go for the lynching.