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tyre blowouts

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ajawi, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Came out of the gym to find a flat on my car. Got me wondering, what the hell do you do if you get a flat on the bike and you don't happen to be conveniently outside a bike shop that's open?

  2. Park it, lock it, and get help asp.
    Be a member of a "Get you home" club if you can afford it.
    Tough call. Bikes don't carry spares. (Honda is working on it for the next Goldwing....joke)
  3. Thanks rc, kinda what I figured, must be a bugger out on them lonely country roads eh.
  4. Those aerosol can things aren't supposed to be used on bikes but it should get you home. Just make sure you tell the tyre fitter you used one when you take it in.
  5. Had one go down on me back in 1990 on a gsx400 . Went skiing with a few mates and they took the panel van . Just threw the bike in the back of the van and continued on our way to our skiing destination :D .
  6. You can buy an emergency puncher plug kit from bigW for about $7.00.

    You need to also buy those gasfill tyre inflator kit about $10.00 and buy the little gas bottle that you use to make the fizzy drinks, (I think they are C02) from Woolies for a couple of dollars.

    The above kit, a disklock, 700ml of two stroke oil,a long bicycle cable (for that broken clutch or throttle cable), and a complete set emergency tools and allen keys inside the Aprilia dovetail.

    Don't throw away those KFC wipes (very handy to clean visors), I also carry about 4 pairs of sergical rubber gloves so my hands wouldn't get too messed up when doing repairs.
  7. Look everyone!! It's MacGyver!!!!!!


  8. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. unless you have an Across with that spacious boot :LOL:
  10. (rc looks around to see if Patty and Selma are close by)
  11. dad? i wondered where you got to. last i heard you were crossing the simpson desert bwhahahaha :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. need alteast 4 of the gas refills to inflate a rear on a sportsbike
  13. Phone up the RACV and get it towed home.

    When you get a blow-out at speed, generally speaking if it's the back you *should* be ok but if it's the front...you're farked!

  14. You are so right nova.
    I have had two rears blow out and, while the bike wiggled and squirmed a lot, I was able to slow down and stop the bike. I hope NEVER to experience a front tyre blowout.

    Incidentally, nova, hope you didn't take offence at the nova jokes yesterday, it was all meant in fun.
  15. Na it's ok, being British I have a sense of humor :p
  16. jolly good show
  17. I have some pictures of what happens when plugs let go in motorcycle tyres. If someone tells me how to post a picture I'll put them up on the site.
  18. mate when your stranded with no mobile phone coverage, you'll be glad you came prepared just enough to get you to the next town or petrol station.

    If anyone have ever been riding by yourselves on the putty road during the weekdays, you'll know what I mean.

    With zero cars or riders on the road during the weekdays, you'll be walking for hours to the next town.