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Tyre Black

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by MrtypeR, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Hey guys... just wondering if its safe to use tyre black around the side of the tyres... something like So Easy which i spray on my cars tyres?


  2. nope. stay the fcuk away. That stuff is like putting oil on the side of your tyre, slippery as a mofo
  3. its ok, anyone who wants nice shiney tyres wont be riding anyway, just looking at the bike :LOL:

    dont touch the stuff mate.
  4. +1 To everything
    Tyre shine aint for your bike.
    My bikes only got about 5cms of sidewall anyway.
  5. I bought a bike once where the previous owner had armorall'ed the tires. Gets 10/10 for appearance, but 0/10 for grip. Like riding on ice!
  6. As in the shops, you'll find that while the sidewalls are nice and shiny, the contact surface is un-treated. Just do the sidewalls if you want to complement your wheels.
  7. just amorall the sidewalls but very lightly and do it at night so it can dry.. spray on stuff is a no go as it will end up on the bit that sticks to the road
  8. Black Shoepolish does a better job, and lasts longer.
  9. thats true. most tyre tretaments wash off in the rain
  10. I like your thinking, maybe using scuff stuff might be an option??
  11. i've often wondered is that dubbin type stuff would be any good once worked in.. you wouls almost need to let it set.. might try it tonight on an old tyre i've got. should turn out silky
  12. nah dubbin rots tyres :wink:
  13. thanks for the heads up. guess the key is to wear them out before they look shite
  14. Another option is to use the tyre paints , not the spray on ones. I have often used a paint that is reasonably thick , and tends not to run off. The brand is Polyglaze Tyre Black.
  15. Only squids polish tyres. Just ride the thing!
  16. oh sorry.. i like my bike to look good..

  17. I understand your point, but I'd never add a potential element that could cause me to be unglued. There is enough to be vigilant about as it is.

  18. :LOL: :LOL:
    You kill me sometimes!
  19. understood. but a thin lick on the side wall is no problem if wiped off and dried..i have tended to use it more as a cleaner on the side walls.