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Tyre Age

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by virtual_circuit, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. I was wondering if old tyres need replacing, as my bike was barley ridden by the original owner (Maybe once a week if lucky), its a 2002 model VTR, so that means in the last 6 years the rear and front tyre has only done 6000km and looks almost brand spankas. I was wondering if the rubber might have gone hard with age however, and wether i should replace the front and rear tyre.. Seeming that i lack experience i don't really know how grippy they really should be, but the rear tyre will break traction if i accelerate hard even at 40-50km an hour if there are any imperfections in the road etc (I realise this could be suspension). Anything else i should be looking at that might need replacing etc due to age? (I have changed all the fluids myself already did it as soon as i bought her :p).

  2. I know i am replying to myself, but after much google searching, apparently many car manufactures recemmend that tyres are replaced after 6 years, so my bike is 6 years old meaning the tyres are probably a bit older. Hmm might go get a new set after my next paycheck. Figure this thread is usefull if anyone searches for it in the future :p
  3. if i was you and could afford it then i would change them....rubber does go hard over time.

    If you can't afford to change them then start saving and change them when you can :)
  4. Definitely change the tires. The manufacturers may recommend 6 years shelf life, but I think after 6 years on the bike, the rubber would definitely have hardened.

    I bought a bike once that had only done 200klm in its previous 12 months and its tires had noticeably hardened. They looked good - because the previous owner had armouralled them (which I did not realize at the time - almost killed myself as it was like riding on oil) Tires on a bike are something not worth messing with.
  5. Do a big smokey burnout, to impress your mates. That will take care of the rear.
  6. How much should i expect to pay for a new set, i called "action motorcycles" parramatta and they quoted $350.
  7. :WStupid: and itt will actually fatigue a lot sooner than a regularly used tyre.
  8. Will depend on brand, but that is around the mark I was quoted for both front and rear for my VTR250. I was also told that the VTR has rims that allow for wider tyres than those that come on them as standard. Worth considering, depending on your riding preferences.
  9. - Motorcycle tyres go bad quicker than car tyres.

    - 6years on shelf, but only 2years once on the bike and ridden
    (the protective coating wears off)

    - $350 sounds kind of typical. Ring a few other places for prices.

    - Only invest in good known brands, like
    Dunlop Michelin Bridgestone Continental Pirelli Metzeler (did I forget any?)
    For small bikes I favour Michelin, Bridgestone.
    There are some cheap brands out there that will dump you on
    your arse, or be no better than the ones you have.
  10. Got new tires put on yesterday and did a run through the national park to break them in today, after about 100km they started feeling really good made me feel much more confident when jumping on the brakes and cornering. Also the guy re-tensioned my chain and the bike takes off much nicer in first.