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Typical VICPOL attitude

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by b12mick, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Last night I was channel surfing and caught the end of Highway Patrol on one of the HD channels. Anyway coppers have pulled a bloke for a licence check. Turns out his licence is suspended. In the process of searching the bloke and the car copper nearly gets a needle stick injury and they find a heap of pre-cursor drugs, drug paraphernalia and various stolen items.

    At the end the cop turns to the camera and says something like "Drugs are a menace in society, but the important thing is that we got a potentially dangerous driver of the road".

    What the fcuk. Hang on. You've just nabbed a bloke carrying a heap of drugs and drug making materials, used syringes etc etc. You've just arrested a drug manufacturer and dealer, but the thing you want us, the viewer, to take away from it is that there is one less driver on the road. Well done VicPol you idiots.
  2. Imagine the field day the porker would have if the guy in question was on a motorcycle.
  3. That would have been headline news "Police arrest bikie gang member on drug charges"
  4. Hahaha yeah bikie from the AlpineStars outlaw bikie gang :)
  5. or the even more dangerous Dainese gang. Not to be confused with the wannabe RJays gang.
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    One less drug addled addict/dealing driver. Sounds fair.
  7. I think you're missing the point. The cops focus was on the bloke not having a licence, not that fact that he was a drug dealer.
  8. I think you may have missed the point. You state the officer said something to the effect of, "Drugs are a menace in society, but the important thing is that we got a potentially dangerous driver of the road". That driver was a dealer and a user. If he is using then he is potentially dangerous if he is driving under the influence of drugs and needs to be taken off the road.
  9. You could be right, but when I watched it, it struck me as strange that the cop appeared to be more concerned about the road laws than the criminal law.
  10. Driving unlicenced is THE major threat to modern society.

    It's far worse than robbing peoples houses to fund a drug habit, far worse than having organised crime syndicates import drugs, far worse than entire families being wrecked by drug abuse. Thank $%*& society is safe from an unlicenced driver.
  11. The show was about the Highway Patrol not the Drug Squad. He spoke to the tv station camera which was filming road incidents. What else would the main emphasis of his brief be?
  12. 20% of MC fatalities in 2008 were unlicensed
  13. He can more than likely make comment on the Licence later as it is pretty cut and dry.
    However to call him a drug dealer and manufacturer before he is charged may pose a few problems.
    Even once charged he would still only be referred to as 'alleged drug dealer' or 'alleged drug manufacturer'

    I would suggest it was careful wording as to not jeopardise further prosecution cases.
  14. Which means that 80% were licensed.

    Can I draw from this that a licenced MC rider is more likely to be involved in a fatal collision than an unlicenced one?
  15. Without knowing the total percentage of rider-hours spent riding unlicensed vs licensed, you cannot draw any such conclusion.

    However, you can say that it's more likely to find that a rider who was involved in a fatal collision was licensed than unlicensed.
  16. While what you have stated is actually logical, you my friend have taken my post far too seriously!LOL
  17. As someone who has had a bit to do with VicPol (and no-one's proved anything yet) I can say you have the underlying attitude of the Highway Patrol right. All they care about is tickets. Other police describe them as having had lobotomies to get into the Highway Patrol. If you were randomly checked, not speeding and legal BAC with a body in the back seat they would probably let you go!