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Type your netrider nick into google, click I'm feeling lucky

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Kaer, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Type your netrider nick into google, then click "I'm feeling lucky"

    Where does it take you?

    I get the following


    About some Karaoke singer named Kaer.

    (BTW, you may not want to do this at work, if you have a questionable nick....)
  2. I get the website for a British sports store (jdsports).
  3. What a hoot, how do you come up with this stuff, kaer?

    There's a korean site called hornet600.com, and as near as I can figure, it's a photo-gallery for a lady photographer who likes cats! (Yeah, I know, I like them too, with a side order of fries)

    I wonder what randy_rider is going to get ??? :D
  4. Actually it's safe for work (the actual text probably isn't, but no nasty pics) - article from cosmo.

    There's a karma sutra sex position called "Randy Rider"

  5. funnily enough it takes me back to netrider!
  6. mines is blocked by work.... dammit
  7. http://www.doggy.net/

    A German? / Dutch? Dog fan site. Nothing dirty at all. I feel somehow cheated now.
  8. yeah, but they're only $14,990 on the road......
  9. http://www.pt.org.br/

    what the. anyone speak spanish? and in relation to undiis site, which smart person decided to call an underwear brand sloggi. possibly the worst name choice ever.
  10. http://www.blackbetty.net/

    nudie bits :eek: actually seems to be a restaurant of sorts!

    Aussi link:
    Aussie band Spiderbait maintains its top spot in the Australian singles chart this week with their song Black Betty. :D
  11. Interestingly, google.com vs. google.com.au gives different results. Hmmmm.....
  12. ... but their adverts on the back of Sydney buses are very diverting......
  13. I Love It (lol) all Warm & Snuggly :p