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Type pressure Diablo Rosso II 2012 CBR250R

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by revolvercube, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys

    trying to get some info on tyre pressure, just had the above tyres fitted 2 weeks ago as the original rear had a massive nail in it, the Honda manual says to have 29 psi in the front and rear the Pirelli website has 29 psi for the front and 33 psi for the rear.

    the guys who fitted the tyre had 31 psi for the front and 41 psi for the rear which was really firm I've put the rear down to 33 psi and it feels like it flattens out when I accelerate hard and doesn't feel as good as it was

    my question is how much psi is to much? I'm thinking of putting more in the rear as it feels firmer and more responsive
  2. Do it to whatever Honda's spec is.
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  3. I found with the smaller lighter bikes with sportier tyres designed more for the larger bikes, you need a bike higher pressures. Mostly in the rear tyre.

    But I would go on how it feel to you, and what type of riding your doing.
  4. when I rode home yesterday ~20km the tyre just didn't feel right at 33 psi it felt flat across the board and when turning it felt like it was moving weirdly, i'll bump it up a little more and see how it feels.

    at 41psi it felt solid and i had extreme confidence in the tyre
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  5. .....
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  6. Of course it feels like it is flattenning out and achieving traction ... that's what it is designed to do ...

    either that or your pressure guage is way out .. check that too.
  7. are they cold tyre pressures? if you do it at a servo the tyres heat up getting there
  8. they arr at the servo and its about 5k's from my place, completely forgot about them getting warm but it does seem a bit high.

    I changed them to 36 psi and they feel really good now

    I should clarify when i said flattening out and feeling weird it was the same when i got the flat the rear tyre was squirming around,
  9. Are the tyres the same size & specification as what came with the bike originally?
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  10. better to be slightly over than under pressure.
    but 41 rear and 31 front is ridiculous. that guy should be sacked. someone could get hurt riding home from that service.
    generally theres 3-4 psi diference rear/front.
    inflated cold the pirelli specs should be the best starting point, assuming they reccommend the tyre size for the rims you've fitted them to.
  11. they are the same size as the originals i made sure i checked the size and got the same size
    110/70 17 front and 140/70 17 rear[DOUBLEPOST=1357081596][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Will get a tyre pressure and check it when its cold
  12. I like 30/32 on my sport demons, same bike.

    I find my pressure goes up 1psi from my place to petrol station, and that is a 200m crawl!
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    Ive run through 3 sets of Rosso II's and usually do 33-36 psi front and 39-42 back (depending on luggage + pillion etc). All pressures are done in garage before I leave, the servos are bullshit - pump it up to '41' then stick it back on and it reads 39... Not to mention that '39' is different at every servo :|

    I've found that the rear needs to be higher than 35-36 for it to not wear the fcuk out extremely quickly and to get the proper confidence and feel from it. It feels much sharper and turns in better with more feel

    For the front I usually like 33-35 but bump it up with a pillion to 36. The lower pressure helps much more with braking feel but too low and the turn in is dulled a bit.
  14. What relevance do the tyre pressures of your currently listed bikes have to that of the OP ... we are talking different bikes here :rolleyes:
  15. forgot to get back to this, did get an pressure gauge and the servo seems to be off by about 4psi so 36/37psi reads about 33psi on the guage.

    also another thing i found out when researching this was my preload needed to be adjusted to my weight - so much better now that i put it up a notch