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Tying up the police force

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by peter-reebok, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Anyone heard the new 'DOB IN A HOON" adverts on the radio.
    They are urging people to ring crimestoppers - IF YOU SEE A CAR YOU THINK IS LIKELY TO BE A HOON

    So, if I see a car with a bodykit, or loud exhaust, or heaven forbid, modifications, I should ring crimestoppers and dob em in - IN CASE THEY BREAK THE LAW - in the future?

    Was thinking about it last night when I went past a doddling noddy driver at a fast pace, reckon I will have to obscure my plate a bit more now!.

    So what do the cops do? Do they list your car/bike and when it gets 3 hits - come around and see you? Or just presume you are guilty when they ever stop you in the future?

    WOW, what an outlet for some one with revenge on their mind!
  2. When there's a 'dob in a doddling noddy driver' line, we'll know they're serious about road safety.
  3. They're going to be busy around Sandown come Easter time.
  4. mediocrity?
    in the mighty infallible Australian Legal System??

    dammit, warn me, give me a chance to sit down before dropping such bombshells!

    where's my heart medicine, this news has overwhelmed me. fetch the thermal blanket, i fear i'm going into shock
  5. What about dobbing in stinking utes,vans and tiny trucks that blow diesel in your face.
  6. I think if it's one of those hotted up Lancers, Excels or the like, you're just supposed to call into the "DOB A KNOB" line :LOL: perhaps they didn't make that part of the ad clear.

  7. Yep that's the EPA line.
    Yes it's true.
  8. We should get a call centre going ... and just ring all day every day ... dobbing in people for no apparent reason
    ... just 'thought' they 'might' be a hoon ...
  9. So they dob you in...so what

    IF you are doing something naughty and you get dobbed in surely they have to prove it...how many of these dobbers could be bothered losing a days pay and the associated hassles of going to court, and if they do how are the police going to prove you were hooning?, is their case based on the word on one citizen?, sure they may come to your door and have a chat but thats about it.

    Dob in a hoon is all about making it look like the government is doing something...no matter how innefective it may be :roll:
  10. We should all take note of the reg on every cop car we see and dob them in!
  11. I was thinking the same - though more along the lines of the unmarked cars and private vehicles parked out the back :twisted: .
  12. ..and speed, um, safety camera cars! :LOL:
  13. EPA won't do anything about a diesel blowing smoke, the emittions on a diesel are cleaner then a petrol
  14. I've just dobbed in myself and all of those who post in this thread. We own/ride motorcycles, therefore we must be hoons :LOL:
  15. What about my Uncle Robert? He always wears a pocket watch, spits on the pavement, and on the cooker. He’s not no job, although he used to play tennis and some say he was in the mafia. He can be a bit of dick and a thief, he cries for nothing and he hangs around street corners all day now.

    Should I dob in a bob-fob-gob-hob-job-lob-mob-nob-Rob-sob-yob, or should I just leave it?
  16. ... :?
  17. Just proves how Farking IDIOTIC our Police force is getting. :roll:
  18. I dont think the cops would be in favour of it either, as they would be doing nothing but spinning their wheels all day long.

    I like the idea of dobbing in police cars though. - lets all dob in EPA cars too! for littering!.
  19. should get a few people to dob in the old lady up the streed that barely breaks 40km on her sunday drive to church.. would be interesting to see what the police do :)
  20. :rofl: you all have three minutes to post anything better, then I'm going to lock the thread :rofl:.