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Tying Down & Securing Your Tail Bag

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by JustCruisin, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. So I just bought an Rjays Explorer Expandable Rack Bag ready to be strapped onto my luggage rack. Only thing is, they didn't come with tie downs & all I have are some Grunt ratchet straps (which are strong enough to secure a car). If anyone can give me some ideas on how you properly secure your tail bag & prevent it from falling off, that'd be great. Also, posting pictures of your secured tail bag will be very useful. Fire away!

  2. Andystrapz
  3. I second this recommendation ^^ (although I have the piggyback straps)
  4. They're okay but I'd like some more ideas. Especially pictures of other Netrider's tied down tail bag on their motorcycle.
  5. I've tied heaps of things onto the back of my cruiser, don't have any pictures to prove it though.
    I generally use two straps along the rack, with my bag lain across the rack, and then one around the lot.
    The two along the bike ensure that the bag can't move backwards and possibly slide off the rear.
    The other ensures that the bag stays central.
    If you start at the centre of this last strap and then wrap it around each of the other straps once then it also makes sure that they don't migrate inwards or outwards at all.
    If it's a particularly large or heavy bag they I sometimes add another support strap at the centre of the bag to help keep the weight forward and less on the rack.
    I hope that makes some sense. I'll try to get some pictures for you before the weekend.
    Maybe you could post some of your new bag and rack to show what sizes you're dealing with.

    You could also add some decent straps with size release buckles if you're really worried.
  6. It's an Rjays Explorer Expandable Rack Bag & I don't really want to wrap around it as I'd like to keep its square-like shape so that I can use all of its litre capacity as it is a soft bag. My rack is a Honda VT400 sissy bar/luggage rack.
  7. If you are touring then you generally pack your bag inside, and then go out and strap it onto the bike. That means you won't be able to crush it down too much.
    Are you using the pad on the sissy bar ? Carrying a pillion ?
    If not then you might be able to remove the pad, or fit a slimmer version so that the bag will slip on to the upright.
    That would help retain it. Then I'd add a strap or straps to the front tie points on the bag to firmly hold it in place.

    If you aim to use the bag all the time, full or not, then you might be best to add plates to the base so that you can sandwich the rack to lock it in place.
    If the bag is full though I would still add some support straps to help keep the weight under control.

    If you don't carry pillions, then it might be better sitting on the seat behind you rather than hanging off the back of the bike on the rack.
    It will help keep the weight central and better balanced.
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  8. Ah I see what you mean. You're right. I'll just strap the front tie points onto the upright side of the sissy bar while I use the other points to keep it sitting on the rack at the same time. Cheers mate.

    If you can still get those pictures for me to have a look at, that would be great also.