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Tying down Road Bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Caz no 2, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Ok so we have purchased a 3 bike motorcycle trailer and we will be carrying a Suzuki VL250 Intruder and a Ninja 250.

    Can someone give tips on how to tie the bikes down properly? Have heard conflicting info on if you should push the shocks down and tie in place, or others saying this will do harm.
  2. When a mate and I were transporting his XJ in a trailer, we pushed the front down a little and tied it down. maybe one quarter of the overall travel the shocks could go.
  3. Caz no 2, there's a brace that you can buy which allows you to compress the front forks without compressing them too far.

    I believe you need to compress them a bit so that the front tie downs are nice and tight, but if you compress them to far it can apparently be bad for your fork seals. Check out this link ... http://tinyurl.com/45hbhj

  4. Sweeties why on gods green earth would you knowingly wish to compress the suspension during transportation........
  5. mate how it can be done without some sort of compression, I'm curious?

    The pic below shows that I tie down via the oggy knob location and it still compresses.

  6. I really do adore your steed, let me ask you how far would you be prepared to travel with your Swedish bits compressed?
  7. The easiest way that I know without compressing is this:

    Front wheel, something mounted to the trailer like this:
    The shown example of course isn't a trailer version, it was just the best pic for the example. There are a ton of different styles (lockable, adjustable etc) around.

    Rear wheel, a tie down styled like this one:

    If you can't do the front option for whatever reason, you can actually get chock thingys (or make your own) that fit between the front fender (or wheel if the fender is flimsy) and steering column. They stop the front forks compressing when using handlebar tie-downs.
  8. For as little time as possible that's for sure.
  9. Oh sweetie nothing like a good Tyre Down depending on the position of your exhaust and even then alternatives exist.

    Darlings I simply use Tie Downs looped around my lower forks......
  10. So without the tyre down, or tyre belt, where on these bikes would the tie downs go?
  11. Hey Caz no 2. I have a couple of options in my trailer, but it's an enclosed trailer with upright support mounts on each side around 450mm high. A bar pivots across and bolts to the chassis right where your subframe mounts to the main frame on the ninja.
    Unfortunately you don't have that luxury on a 3 bike trailer if it's of the regular exposed style.

    If I want to take more than 2 bikes then I have to use regular tie downs, which I do when I o to Eastern Creek. Take 3 bikes and tie down with across the bar gorilla grips, compress only enough to stop movement, which as a previous poster said is around 1/4 travel. Never had a probem in the years I've been doing it.
  12. So you'd get some compression also yeah?
  13. Sweetie I would concede that to a minimal degree, naturally forks would still have play without being permanently compressed.
  14. use a handle bar strap like this:

    tie the back down with the pillion pegs like this:

    i don't compress the suspension more than about 10mm, but that's on an R1 with pretty stiff suspension.
  15. :) just checking
  16. I pretty much do what SHEPPO does with the front. Use handle bar tie downs but not compressing the shocks too much (however they are also stiff for racing). The straps are tight when you pull at them, but bike still has bounce on the front. I use tyre downs on the rear. Works well and still gives the bike some natural bounce when you go over bumps without hurting it.
  17. Same, but I also throw in a Kaneg trailermate.
  18. What's the issue with compressing your shocks?
  19. Im going to disagree with everyone.
    Strapping a bike down wont screw fork seals, if a seal blows its because it has crap under it and the oil is being forced through the nick or grit under the seal.
    As far as the springs go i thought the only way to screw a fork spring bad was to cycle it repaeatedly or over compress it.
  20. Good luck with the handle bar strap. Ive stopped using them and a few others have as well, as they are not good on the plastic throttle body, and if it moves around to much, it is not uncommon for the throttle to bust or twisted out of place. there more for dirtbikes. hate to role up to a track and find out the throttle wont snap back as they wont let you on, so gorilla grips to front and rear, jobs done!, but wont use the straps anymore