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Tying Down a Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WiErD, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. So im thinking of Picking up the new Beast in the Coach on Saturday and stashing it in the Bins Underneath.

    anyone got any ideas on tying it down under there?

    theres a few cross members above but nothing much down low to secure it down.

    if anyone has any ideas let me know :)
  2. Please explain?
  3. Yes, I agree, not sure what you are really trying to do here.... :?
  4. im looking at transporting the bike in a bin under the coach(aka bus)
    bin is an area for luggage etc. under the passenger on the outside.
  5. Think the type of bike would help also, but if I am thinking what your are thinking of doing and that is place a bike in the luggage area of a coach, you would want to have plenty of packing with you.
  6. Easy.

    WiErD is buying a bike. He wants to transport in his coach (you know, like a bus). He wants to put it in the luggage area under the seating. He wants to know if anyone has any ideas as to the best way to tie it down under there....

    Sorry, dude. Don't kniow anything about coaches so I can't help you. All's I'm good for is deciphering cryptic posts... 8)
  7. That sounds, scary....
    IIRC, under a coach has no tie downs on the floor, they rely on just packing in the luggage as tight as possible. I wouldn't be trying to tie it to things above, as it'd just swing around.
    You could build some form of frame to hold the bike steady, but effort ++. Also, is under the coach tall enough to have a bike under it? I can seeing it end in tears.
  8. indeed.

    pete the freak has it in one.

    the bike is a suzi gixer 750
  9. Wow, in the bottom of a coach... Hmmm.

    1. Will they let you do that - remembering fuel in the tank can be perceived as a hazard to passengers
    2. Tie down points
    3. How to lift the bike in there - may need a small ramp
    4. Height clearance

    Cant think of anything else at this point except that I have never tried it..... Interesting idea though
  10. yeh its a coach it has a suction system the sucks all the air out of the bins.

    my only real problem is tie downs im gonna see what i can come up with though.

    height clearance is no problem :)
    and i can lower the coaches airbags so its level with the curb.
  11. I remember a few years ago when the local lads of Hawthorn used to take their motorcross bikes on the train up to Broadmeadows. It was okay so long as they emptied their tanks of fuel.
  12. WOW, I am very impressed.

    Tie down points, hmm, that is a tough one without seeing it.... I am sure they are points you may be able to hook to...

    Good luck... Please, let us know how it went.
  13. wow. that is a crazy cool idea. if youre like the coach drivers ive had i'm sure youll find a way. they always do. umm is there a frame in the middle of the bin? i seem to remember there being a frame that sorta splits them in two. if so i would look at tying something to that. (der) and does the bin have grooves in the bottom? if so id try to get the wheels in that as best as possible. and as a final suggestion id say chock the wheels and everything and tie down from the bars to the lowest point possible. maybe use that to keep the bike upright and tie the wheels down somewhere else as the main holding thingos.
  14. maybe i'm missing something but why not just ride it?
  15. He obviously wants it to have a nice relaxing drive on a bus... A holiday for the Gixxer :p
  16. im just thinking at the moment, its either coach it back or come back up the weekend after and ride it back
    obviously i cant drive the coach and ride the bike at the same time.
  17. Can you attach a trailer to carry the bike to the coach?
  18. Take it to a bike shop and get them to crate it - most will do so for a small fee. Then you'll have the crate for future bus trips :)
  19. Gixxer 750s aren't that comfy long-distance? :p :LOL: