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Tyga kits not RWC?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by AmanK, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. I just went into High Octane in Thomastown and asked about there range on the CBR250RR, they asked me what ive been looking at. so i told them that i was interested in getting a cbr with a tyga kit on it which looks pretty hot. The two brothers were totally against the tyga kits, they told me they would never provide RWC to a bike with tyga fairings. i was also told me that it wont be insuranced with one with because none of the lights (tail, head, indicators) are approved. (they dont have the serial codes). It makes sence, but is it really that bad? then he quoted me on a CBR250RR 91 model with 20,000 for $6,500K driveaway.
    What the background on High Octane anybody dealt with them before?

  2. The fairings have nothing to do with it, only the headlights, taillights, indicators etc. that need to be ADR compliant. No idea if the ones included in the kit meet the standards or not. I dont know how thorough vic RWCs are, in NSW theres no way they'd be looking at certifications of head/tail lights, here if they work properly they'll pass them.
  3. I would vouch for High Octane. They've gone out of their way to accommodate me and some friends in the past. Things like picking up bikes after crashes from the CBD at 5pm and helping me get my bike running again when I was broke by suggesting cheaper alternatives or work arounds. I've had them service my bike and friends bikes and they feel great afterwards.

    The guys there are friends and well known with quite a few netriders and local racers.
  4. +1 evader. From everything I've heard those guys don't **** people around.
  5. yeh they to seem not suger coat things so i sense i can trust them. he was very helpful i think his name was john. maybe ill buy the cbr off them, they seem to have a really good rep as it seems like. i really like the tyga bodykits however is it worth the gamble? i can get one for the same price high octane quoted. (with tyga kit). very hesitant to get one now however. thanks for all your input guys, ive learnt so much here in the matter of only 2weeks. everyone is very helpful, thanks agian :)
  6. If it comes with a RWC, it won't be an issue. Make sure the condition of the bike is good though, aftermarket body kits are usually a good sign of a drop/crash.
  7. Although with a cbr250rr its kind of a moot point since they've all been crashed a few times anyway. Except maybe 1/1000.
  8. 1991 CBR250 with 20,000ks on the clock.

    That indicates the bike has done 1000 kilometres per year. It takes me two weeks to do 1000ks.

    I would pay more attention to the condition of the bike and get inspections etc rather than rely on what is possibly a wound-back odometer. If it's had the fairing replaced, I would also check for straight forks, frame, rims, discs etc.
  9. the speedo has done 20 000km's.. but I assume the bike has done heas more..
    most of these bikes are put toghether here from parts out of the parts bins.. lowest km speedo + newest looking plastics kit = stupidly high price for a 19yr old bike..
  10. What year did CBR250RR first arrived in Australia.. meaning after that year it wasnt a grey import. also what year did honda stop making the cbr250rr? (just so i know if it is a compliance or not)
    im looking to get a later cbr (so much easier with insurance) . and also on the other hand i dont feel right giving 6k for a 91 model bike just doesnt feel right.
    I was also wondering how all these bike are so low in k's surely it couldn't be right.. i thought its illegal to change the speedo or wind back the speedo..? seems like everyone is doing it ha!
  11. Also keep in mind some people sell for eg a 1991 model as a 2002 as that is the year it was brought into Australia and complianced (one particular shop was known for this).There is a way to check the compliance date to see if it's an import or not.

    The odometer may not have been actually wound back, but I believe those only go to 99,999 (maybe?) So perhaps they are on their second or third lap. Also as someone mentioned they can mix and match parts - low ks odometer on high ks bike foe eg.

    There is a very good CBR250RR Aussie forum. Could be worth you checking that out, they will know everything you would need to know eg how to check compliance plate.

  12. You need to check your State's registration compliance laws, but many of the modifications so beloved here in Netrider are illegal, notably the removal of the rear mudguard, tiny indicators only a few inches apart, etc. Yes, you you may not get into trouble for them in isolation, but if you're pulled over for something else, even just an RBT, and the officer decides to check, you can get pinged for them and be told to return the bike to legal condition.

    +1 to what morbo says; anyone who believes the odometer on any CBR-250xx is in dream-land....
  13. The shop was right about the tail fairing not being compliant either......

    But honestly, there are so many Tyga kitted cbr's out there, and every one of them doesn't seem to have a problem with getting RWC....

    Also, you'd have to be an absolute nut job to buy a 19 year old bike for $6,500. Most you should be paying is $4000($4500 absolutely pushing it). The only way i'd pay more is if the bike has been rebuilt from the ground up.

    There's a guy up in wollongong(NSW) who rebuilds cbr250's, no botch jobs, from the ground up.... In fact, he's rebuilding 3 right now. PM me if you want and i'll let you know who to contact.
  14. Paul does lovely work too :wink:
  15. HAHA, he sure does(y)
  16. this bike i was looking at was supplied with a RWC, then i started to think that the cert will b dodgy after going into high octane. i just also looked at a zxr2 kawa.. seems lyk its kawa version of the double rr. ive read the kawa is a quicker bike.
    one more question if a bike a cbr250rr now say 97 to 2000 model how much would i be able to sell it for at the end of my restriction? high 4's?
  17. Hey there, I was just thinking something similar about the price myself.

    Absolute newbie here so don't ask me to comment on the equivalence of price and look, but when you can pay a thousand more for a NEW Ninja 250R (Which I believe would be roughly equivalent), is it really worth paying a fraction less for a bike that's done 19 years?

    The Wolf
  18. Agreed. The new Ninja's are great. However - if I had my time again I would *HIGHLY* recommend buying a crap bike that is ugly if need be. You will more than likely drop it.
  19. They're not equivalent. The 250 sportbikes of the late eighties to mid nineties era were pretty focused. They were made to appeal to young riders in Japan when their licensing laws made it really hard to get a full license.

    The CBR250RR and the ZX-2R are both more powerful, have a more aggressive seating position (just check out the handlebar height). The current Ninja 250 is a lot more relaxed.

    However, the point remains that a similar new bike is only 1k more. It's a function of LAMS. But remember, the prices on LAMS bikes are stable. You can re-sell it for as much as you bought it for, if you take care of it.

  20. Ive herd the ninja 250R doesnt have enough go, the old Ninja's are heaps better as far as power goes. apperently the new ninja is pretty much the same but with less power and new fairings. this is what John (i think he was john) told me from high octane as well. also peter stevens in the city the sales person also told me it lacked a bit of go. i was considering getting a ninja very reliable bikes but i just dont want to get bored of the power and need something zippy.
    going to look at few more double rr's hopfully i find the one soon lol.