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tyga exhausts

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ilovemynsr150sp, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. hey every1, i just have somje small questions concerning a new exhaust sytem for my honda nsr 150-sp... i had a look @ tyga.com and their prices are cheaper compared to bcomponents.com.au who is an aussie tyga seller...now i have a problem, the postage form tyga.com will be higher and there will probably be custom fees charged...does any1 know how much these are?? thank you, :LOL:

  2. Phone BC tell Chris that lovely bloke from netrider that wont give him free advertising sent you.

    He may knock $0.90c off the price :grin:
  3. you need to contact Deitmar in deerpark for prices on tyga stuff....he has more in stock than the so called distributor at far better price's...here is his email addy deet250@optusnet.com.au
  4. FYI while the Tyga pipes do unleash a few ponies that the stock exhaust holds back, the build quality is piss poor. I wouldn't buy their products again.
  5. I gotta disagree, from what i have seen. They are excellent. Pipes wise are better quality then arrow ones. And alot cheaper
  6. keep us posted with how u go as i intend to purchase a tyga system
  7. I ordered a complete fairing kit from Tyga and was not charged any import duty or taxes

  8. The quality on all their goods (glass, exhausts, etc) has improved dramatically in the last 6 months or so. The newer exhaust designs do seem to be comparable to some others.

    I was a bit reluctant to buy off them 12 months back, but now have no problems doing so.
  9. ive had the tyga pipe on my nsr150 for over a year now

    ordered direct from tyga with no issues on taxes etc...

    takes no time to install and instant results, sounds 10times better and has plenty more go, revs much nicer all the way to redline!

    if you have a nsr150 and dont have a pipe....get one! so cheap you have no reason not to...

    and then if you still want more go, a bigger carby goes well :cool:
  10. haha thats good to hear :grin: , another question tho, is there any difference between the carbon silencer and the aluminium silencer except looks? :? thanx in advance :p
  11. No difference.
  12. so people pay $200 more just for looks? :shock:
  13. And more!
  14. hey every1, just a small question which i cant figure out... can you get twin silencers for a nsr 150 like the rgv? thanx... :p
  15. U Cant. RGV's are a V twin. thus 2 pipes, thus 2 end cans.
    Nsr150's are a single cylinder, thus one pipe, thus 1end can.

    U could get one specially made, but it wouldn't do any benifit, rather cause muddled negitve pulses in the expansion chamber causing who knows what (damage,powerloss, bad stuff).

    Just get a can, and tape it next to ur current can. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. hey dude... check again... maybe our aussie dollar is way stronger than last yr but bcomponents appear to be cheaper...

    can someone tell me where to find a bigger carb (nsr 250 mc 19 or 22)?
  17. Cheapest place in Australia more specifically for tyga stuff is rgvspares.com
    You can try the site for carbs, jets,etc.

    Most aftermarket chamber/end cans will give more power. All stock chambers/end cans are made on a compramise of price, cost, where the power is on the rev range, Strength etc

    Aftermarket chambers are made from thinner metal, they are shaped to give an engine better dynamics. That lets the engine breath better. Thus performance should increase. The end cans are alot less restrictive then stock cans that are made to meet govt regualtions

    Aftermarket chambers weigh alot less then stock chamber. For example my rgv jolly motos weigh 9kg less then the stock metal crap. This make the bike handle differently.

    To get the most out of new pipes a rejet is normally needed. Most std jetting will work fine with new pipes because std jetting is normally very rich. With my bike std was way to rich, but made significatly more midrange. Then i jetted down and the midrange gained more and the top end gained huge amounts.