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Txting and driving

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. ...as though talking on the phone wasn't scary enough, now this. Gimme the jibblies.

  2. Um, what?
  3. The jibblies cartoon was just for illustrative purposes. The thread is about people who send SMS messages or 'tweets' while they're driving.
  4. Don't get me fcuking started on fcuking phone usage whilst fcuking driving. fcuk-wits can barely drive whilst having both eyes on the road, let alone eyes fcuking glued to they're fcuking phone.

    fcuk wits
  5. what he said
  6. Is this really General Discussion or did the OP have a brain fart?

    Thank me later for moving it :p
  7. It's gotten to the point where I can reasonably accurately predict whether a driver is using a phone while driving, be that talking or texting.

    The behaviour of the car is a dead give away and I'd say I'm about 90% right with the observations. Things like; failure to maintain a constant speed, swerving in the lane etc.
  8. I can barely use my phone when it has 100% of my concentration, how the hell do people send txts while driving? Or are thrwe Txtsc az bd z thr drvnG? :LOL:
  9. +1

    I has a phone who cares about the roads.

    EDIT: to clarify what I meant - stupid busy work.

    Driving along texting, have a crash and before you get out to do the info exchange quickly update all social networking sites you're on with.

    Geeth had a crash - sad face

    Because that's what's important.
  10. It's a bloody dead giveaway :roll:

    I actually sat in front of a bloke for a good 5 secs giving him the finger and when i checked my mirrors again, he hadn't even looked up! :shock:

    And the worst part is how unserious people think this is! Most people I whinge about this to act like it's the most mundane thing to commandeer a multi-ton vehicle at speeds in excess of 60 kilometres per hour without focusing on the bloody task at hand!

    Chin up mate, at least you went down like a pro! Soon this'll just be a war story to wow the n00bs with! :LOL:
  11. It was a referance to the voice twitter on the voda add.

    Busy at work didn't quote well
  12. Oh don't get me STARTED!

    My new phone is a touch screen, and it's REALLY hard to to text while driving. I kinda wish I had my old one, it was heaps easier to do that by feel. I'm sure I'll pick it up though.
  13. Yeah, brain fart, and since it's later now I'll thank you now for moving rather than deleting, vic.
  14. Texting whilst driving isn't that bad if you can "touch text" (perhaps the equivalent of "touch typing" on a keyboard".

    Texting whilst driving is worse for people that have to "search and swoop" for the character they are trying to hit on the numpad.
  15. Keypad phones are pretty easy to text becauase you know what your hitting but now I have a touch screen, its hard enough just to dial someones number let alone text.

    Its funny how most of the symptons described 10 ears ago would of been DUI... Now its MUWD (Mobile Use While Driving).

    P.S. Yes I did just make that up :LOL:
  16. Touch screen/Keypad....


    Still no excuse for not being in control of a car etc whilst doing this.

    End of discussion

  17. Not impressed mate :?
  18. :LOL:

    I was just joking
  19. What I find really hard is all the multi tasking you have to go through, to txt on one phone, talk in the other via hands free, read the paper with one hand while juggling either coffee or a burger and the steering wheel in the other hand, listening to the doof doof that I had to turn up, to drown out the pesky inconsiderate ambulance thats been behind me for a few km's with its pretty lights and damn annoying siren on.
    While at the same time trying to work out why the GPS is sending me everywhere but where I wanted to go, but at least I'm in the RH lane going 20k under the limit because we all know speed kills.

    I know I'm fine and happy in my own little world, so why do you have to pick on me ?
    My driving is the best :)
    I've seen plenty of accidents happen behind or next to me, but I've never been in one single accident since I got my license last month.

    ](*,) :rofl: