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Two women injured in Melbourne 'drag race'

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Dec 25, 2008.

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    * December 25, 2008 - 8:23AM
    Two women were seriously injured when their car rolled during an apparent drag race in Melbourne's north.
    Police say the Holden Commodore spun out of control and rolled at least once before coming to rest on its side in Dalton Road, Lalor, about 12.40am (AEDT) on Thursday.
    It is believed the car was drag racing another vehicle when the accident occurred.
    The driver and a passenger, both 18-year-old women, were trapped in the car for about 30 minutes.
    The driver suffered a severely broken leg and her passenger sustained serious pelvic injuries.
    Both were taken to hospital in a serious but stable condition.
    I mean really!!!!!

    If I were Ken Lay, I'd throw my hands in the air in frustration and just state "forget it then, just go kill yourselves"

    With the amount of effort they put in they deserve better than "kids" wrecking themselves whilst drag racing in suburban streets.
  2. If I was Ken Lay I'd tell the other cops to leave riders alone and only book wankers who don't look where they're going. :cool:

    Unless I was the other Ken Lay who of course is dead but still widely unpopular after he sent Enron Corporation down the dunny. If I was that Ken Lay, I'd be keeping quiet and laying low for a while.

    Ah well, kids are kids who do stupid stuff. I'm not saying it's there's nothing wrong with it, but these are not the first and won't be the last kids to bingle ar car while drag racing. Broken legs and pelvis sounds like they may have learned something at least. :)
  3. We all did crazy stuff as kids
  4. x2

    gotta give people the freedom to make mistakes otherwise we'll never learn
  5. maybe, just maybe, someone should think about whether 18 year olds and powerful rear wheel drive cars should really mix?
  6. But even we thought more about the consequences as we feared the wrath of our parents. Todays kids don't give a shit because their parents will bail them and stick up for them even if they kill someone.

    I blame the parents!
  7. Latest research in brain development shows that the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, the area that controls "...planning, working memory, organization, risk management, self-restraint and emotional control..' (underline mine) may not be fully developed until the mid 20s in some individuals.

    see article

    This implies that it's not 'Todays kids' that are irresponsible. A certain number of kids in every generation will be irresponsible.
  8. "research"...................pfffttttt :roll:

    Is that the same research that said we are impotent because we ride?
    That red meat causes cancer?
    That, well, actually, just about everything causes cancer................

    :p :LOL:
  9. remember when gay used to mean happy and cancer was called premature aging..........

    now there is research to prove that there is an excuse for everything, no-one is responsible for shit happening anymore.

    I'm responsible for everything I do, whether I wanted to do it or it just happened, when I am on the road I am sometimes required to think for others who cant or wont, if it gets me and them home in one piece then who am I to biatch.
  10. Don't blame the Parents.

    They were having fun. that's all.
  11. It's not a matter of 'just having fun' if they killed someone or themselves would you still be saying that?
    They are stupid idiots who think they can handle their car, but shouldn't be behind the wheel.
    The two 18yo girls probably won't even learn their lesson, and if anything serious had happened then mummy and daddy would of come running to bail them out.

  12. They didn't kill anyone, so yes, they could've been "just having fun" when it went wrong.

    IF they actually did hit someone else, then they'd be stupid idiots for not ensuring that innocent people weren't involved in their fun.

    Was it even proven that they were speeding anyway, or is it just a case of some girls crashing and being labelled as hoons by the media?
  13. Yes it is a matter of just having fun, that's how a teenage mind works. Yes they are also stupid and can't handle a car as well as they thought.

    They, for those reasons, are exactly like you......, and me and everyone else on this forum and in the world who ever is or once was a teenager. What you say about those girls is correct but it is also true of you and me so let's not get high and mighty about it. Teenage minds are underdeveloped and don't think through consequences or possibilities beyond those they desire. It's fact and no amount of jumping up and down will change it. They need time to develop their thought processes through making mistakes and practice. Most will learn to think about their actions (and words) through car accidents and pub brawls. Others will learn from other hardships and a very small fraction of them remain childish thugs who only ever think about themselves and their immediate desires. Wlecome to the last 60,000 yrs, that's how people are.

    I think they have well and truely leaned that crashing cars though drag racing results in injuries. Assuming their parents are like mine they probably will soon learn that consequences carry on long after bones heal. Just because you don't think you'd learn a lesson though this inncident doesn't mean the girls have the same level of intellectual impairment. Give them some credit, it's not exactly a difficult connection to make.

    Who are you to assume what the parents will do? Sure, there's no shortage of shit parents out there, probably even more than when I was a teenager, but there's also no shortage of good parents with good kids who punish good kids when they fcuk up as kids do. Just because you don't read about the good parents in the hearald sun, doesn't mean they don't exist. And on much the same wavelength, just becayse Corey Worthington's a fcuk wit doesn't mean all teenagers are...., but they will all make mistakes, it's part of growing up.

    Teenagers making these sorts of stupid decisions is what gives them the experience to learn and grow into responsible adults. I believe these two girls will probably do just that, making their parents proud. :)
  14. Well done Seany. You'd never make a good Herald-Sun story commenter. It's clear that you have far too much common sense.
  15. Im surprised im still alive after the stuff i got up to as a youngin.I should be dead 10 times over.

    I have 2 teenagers. My very sensible mature son ( seriously) made the mistake of getting into the wrong car last year and it hit a tree. Bad choice in a split second. My naughty, uncontrollable daughter ( thats why i love her) decided not to get into a car with friends last month- it smashed and her best friend broke her spine. Sometimes a choice is made in a split seond that can change your life. I am seriously suprised more teens dont die from the shenanigans they get up to .

    Kate ( Churro Monster ) cant be stuffed changing hubbys log in :)
  16. Need any more be said?
  17. is a worthy addition also :)
  18. fking idiots.... you'd think with the amount of "our money" the TAC are putting into advertising about being careful on the roads people still do this.

    pity they didn't kill themselves, they'll just get out of hospital and do it again.
  19. Do you honestly believe that?
  20. Do you honestly believe that they wont do it again, Its happened many times before and ive seen it happen. People get fined for speeding all the time and they get back on the road and do it again, a visit to the hospital will probably just make them think theyr indestructible like a lot of young hoons think they are.