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Two wheels good...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by ngalbrai, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Well, having frequented cycling and geeky computer forums for years, I thought with getting into motorbikes I would join this too and say hello.

    Only been riding for about 5 months. Never intended to get a bike, did my L’s with a mate simply to have a go, thought I should at least know the basics as not knowing how to ride a motorbike just isn’t manly…

    So after doing the L’s two day course wanted to get my skills to a passable level and realised the only way I could do that was by actually getting a bike. Bought a 2 year old Yamaha V Star 250. Liked the look of it, had heard rave reviews, also reassured by the low seat height. Rode that through L’s and for P’s test and loved it, though it did feel a bit gutless. Also I found comparing it to the bikes others on my P’s day had I wasn’t convinced, realised I preferred the look of the more modern bikes.

    So with my 35th birthday looming I upgraded to a new Honda cb400 as an early present to myself, having read loads of glowing reviews. I was in two minds about it but made the calculated move of asking mates who are married with children their opinion. They answered as I hoped and told me if I have the cash, no one telling me I cant and want a new motorbike what the hell am I procrastinating about – top advice…!

    Love the CB400, as easy to ride as the vstar, more comfortable, but goes like the bludy clappers (in my inexperienced opinion) when pushed a bit.

    So that’s the hello bit covered.

    I am using the bike when its dry and I don’t have to carry anything as main transport (but also have car as I’m sure many of you do). Getting more confident in general traffic but yet to really take it on the open road properly.

    What would the more experienced guys on here recommend for me to hone my roadcraft and build further confidence? Weekend rides? I hear the old pacific highway is a good stretch to have a Sunday blast on.

    On that, is there generally a supportive mentality among bikers, seeing a P plater, on a LAMS bike, or is there frustration at them being in the way? For instance the singlet and shorts wearing chap on a noisy sport somethingorther drawing alongside me, dropping it a couple of gears and wheelying off - I assumed some good natured p1ss taking - I could be wrong...

    Ah, long first post, first rule of forums, keep it short and sweet....(not in my nature).

  2. Hi Neil, welcome on board and nice choice in bike.
    Check out the Ride and Event Announcements for rides/practice sessions happening in an area near you.
  3. Hi Neil and welcome to Netrider :)
    The tv/cinema harps on a popular slogan 'Less is more', but sometimes that couldn't be further from the truth, whilst using it in other applications, eg your intro - nice writeup (y)
    All your questions will be answered in the many pages of info contained herein.
  4. Hi Neil, great to have you with us mate. I too (like ResmeN) have a CB400. Great bike. Weekend rides are a great place to come and have some fun. As ResmeN said, check out the events in the forum. Where do you live? There is a ride on this Sunday to Eildon, learner friendly ride, lots of LAMS bikes etc. Will be a very casual ride, but, should be fun.