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Two wheels are the new hoons!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fekkinell, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Duck and cover! That's the best way to avoid nuclear explosions and media spin according to Tommy the Turtle!

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    Two-wheel hoons hit by police
    Article from: Herald Sun
    Carly Crawford

    November 12, 2008 12:00am

    POLICE are impounding hoons' motorcycles at a rate of one a week as speeding bikers kill themselves at alarming rates.

    Motorcyclists have been caught riding without helmets at almost 200km/h on Melbourne freeways.

    Others are inviting prosecution by posting videos of their hell-riding antics on YouTube.

    So far this year 36 motorcycle riders and one pillion passenger have been killed, up five on this time last year.

    With the Christmas period to come, police are worried this year could be the worst for motorcycle deaths since 2002, when 54 riders died.

    Inspector Jeff Millar, of the police road safety taskforce, warned riders to travel safely.

    "We're all aware that motorcycling is a high-risk activity and yet motorcyclists are willing to place themselves in danger time and time again," he said.

    "Motorists probably all know someone who rides a motorcycle, yet as car drivers we don't tend to look out for motorcyclists, who are among the vulnerable road users. It's a two-way street."

    In most motorcycle fatalities the rider is at fault -- and usually no other vehicles have been involved.

    "Motorcyclists are putting themselves at risk, needlessly, and most of it is on weekends with recreational riding," Insp Millar said.

    "No one is bullet-proof and if they push the limits too much they will come unstuck. The only place for that sort of riding is on a racetrack."

    Insp Millar foreshadowed a crackdown on hoon motorcyclists over summer.

    "We have got quite a bit of work in the pipeline. We're looking at enforcement and education, and how we can deliver both of those better."

    Riders screaming along Victorian highways have been caught without basic safety gear.

    Overhead police speed cameras caught a passenger without a helmet on a bike doing 191km/h on the Western Ring Road at Sunshine.

    A female wearing a bikini top was snapped doing 143km/h in Keilor East.

    So far this year 42 motorcycles have been impounded.

    Of those, 28 were seized after police caught the rider speeding, while seven were triggered by riders trying to evade police.

    The majority of riders -- 38 per cent -- were men aged 26-35, while a quarter were in the 22-25 bracket.

    All but one were male, and one was under 18.

    Two in five were caught between 10pm and midnight.

    The Transport Accident Commission said motorcycles represented 3 per cent of vehicle registrations, but accounted for 14 per cent of road deaths.

    Commission road safety manager David Healy said the risk of serious injury for motorcycle riders was 32 times higher than car occupants.

    "Motorcyclists operate at a higher risk than motorists, so any risk-taking behaviour they engage in through drink-riding or speeding increases their risk to inordinately unacceptable levels," he said.

    The state president of the Motorcycle Riders Association, John Karmouche, said catching hoons was important, but riders needed better education.

    "We could reduce the number of fatalities and accidents if riders accept they need a skills check-up when they get back on their bikes after a spell," he said.

    "There's nothing dangerous about a motorcycle, but the person who is riding it needs the right attitude."

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    Original article here.
  2. Focus on people talking on there phones when driving, this is what i think must cause the most accidents, i have almost been taken out heaps of times for this reason!!!!

    But also more people are riding now, so of cause the figures will increase.
  3. As a male I'm at a loss as to what is wrong with this?! :p
  4. don't ride between 10pm and midnight? :?
  5. Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

    "The majority of riders -- 38 per cent -- were men aged 26-35, while a quarter were in the 22-25 bracket. "

    The largest age bracket may indeed have been 38% of riders, but 38% is hardly a majority. 62% or riders were not in the 22-25 bracket.

    "In most motorcycle fatalities the rider is at fault -- and usually no other vehicles have been involved."

    This is stretching the definition of most to the absolute limit. From my recollection the stats they don't list the "at fault" party. It seems that people are just assuming that all single vehicle accidents are the motorcyclist's fault, but even if this is the case (and it doesn't include those instances where a car causes a bike to crash but leaves the scene without being involved in the collision) the single vehicle incidents are only just over half of the injuries and deaths on motorcycles. Other vehicles are involved in just under half of the accidents.

    This seems to be a direct contradiction to the Look again ad campaign, which places emphasis on the fact that cars kill bikers, but saying that "speeding bikers kill themselves at alarming rates".
  6. Sensationalist drivel.

    From the opening sentence of the article:

    I saw nothing in the article that directly attributed said bike fatalities to speeding.

    The article goes on to explain just ONE such instance, yet this seems to constitute a veritable plethora of riders judging by how the sentence is written.

    There is no mention of YouTube anywhere else in the article. I do watch YouTube fairly regularly and I've not seen anything much posted on YouTube that is unambiguous as to location & speed in the last 12 months since it became widely known that YouTube videos are being scanned for sensationalist media articles.

    Bike registrations have increased by roughly the same percentage.

    A recent study I read put at-fault rider deaths at slightly more than half, of which it was unknown if another vehicle was involved in the rider leaving the road, just that said vehicle was not present at the scene. Anyone who's ridden in the hills for more than a few hours can witness cars and trucks frequently unable to remain on their side of the road with oncoming traffic. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if a significant portion of single rider fatalities had the offending vehicle drive on, oblivious to the death that had just occurred behind them due to their actions. We'll never know.

    Anyone been in the Yarra Ranges lately? It's been sea of marked and camoflaged blue up there for the last four weeks straight.

    I reckon over half of these would've been in that single Operation Surreptituous on the Black Spur where they had the camo cops targetting riders going downhill on the first of about four decent safe overtaking opportunities along the length of the Spur.

    Point of Defintiion: Majority means >50%, NOT the highest percentile bracket.

    So around 40% are doing this, presumably at night around the city. Seems at odds with the implication that these are all weekend warriors.
  7. Typical crap from the Herald Sun!
  8. bullshit !!
    the cop themselves so many times endanger the lives of the riders.
    Yesterday at the learners ride, a cop was cutting off the learners riding in the middle of the group, while another unmarked cop car was following me with just one foot distance between my bike and his bumper.

    There have been so many instances where the law keepers, break each and every law and put people's life in danger. I had been cut off so many times by cop cars swerving like a lunatic. And i bet this has happened to many others too.
  9. :worthlesspics:
  10. deaths are up from 31 to 36 last year.

    i wonder what the percentage of motorcycles(and scooters) on the road this year compared to last year....i suspect its an even greater percentage.

    also id be interested to know what the breakdown in serious crashes (or deaths) between the different styles of bikes: sportsbike,dirtbike,cruiser ect ect

    i would assume more cruisers get shot...but im talking about RTA's
  11. I'm sure I saw this somewhere recently(possibly a NR thread!)... but I cant find where I read it to post a link (shame it would be nice to have hard numbrs!). Basically yes motorcycle deaths have risen, but not as fast as number of motorcycles on the road - and even that hasnt risen by as much as the number of km's ridden by each motorcycle.

    So with that information the only logical conclusion is that motorcyling is getting safer all the time - Your chances of being in an accident on a bike in 1km of road riding in Australia are less this year than last year and are likely to be less again next year if current trends continue.

    As such I think the Police and various state governments should be applauding us as a group for our improved safety record and highlighting how we are benefiting society by our efforts. :dance:
  12. I recently read an article that stated something like the sales of "motorcycles" (that includes scooters etc), had SOARED by around 30%...yet motorcycle accidents had only increased around 5%...(as far as I recall)
    The article was attempted to show that riders were generally doing a pretty good job.

    The thing is...40-50 riders out of 10's of thousands pull some really idiotic stunts, and THAT becomes the "standard" for ALL riders...
    the brigade, who eyes rotate in opposing directions, then spot me pulling a little mono someplace (relatively safely) in full leathers, and then I'm branded as a "hoon". Gives me the f**ken shits...

    I'm no Angel - and will play hard if the time is right(mostly), but every time I see a rider do something WAAAAY too obvoius and right in the middle of Joe public where it is attracting heaps of attention, I brissle with real anger at their antics.

  13. Technically I didn't write it... but what the hell! ;)

  14. Regarding the statistics on motorcycle deaths. I wonder what percentage of those deaths were a result collisions with cars. Further more, I wonder what percentage of collisions with cars were actually the car drivers fault..???
  15. A grasshopper would sting like a bastard at 143 in a bikini

    I imagine...
  16. THIS is the type of sensationalist bullshit that our motorcycling bodies should be jumping on quick-smart! Whaddya say JD, Tony? You going to stand up for us on this one and get an apology for this crap?

    You've got all the relevant info in the above posts, FLUX especially...
  17. Isn't it also a strange co-incidence that in both major Victorian papers today there are stories about dangerous behaviour on motorcycles? Funny also how both of them seem to stretch the truth by a rather large margin :roll:
  18. I think I have read an article on here similar to this earlier in the year. I also recall that the sales of bikes and scooters has increased by alot but not too sure how much.

    I think this article is still saying that all riders are hoons. This is what I also found with the general public as well. On a weekly basis that people say do a mono or a burn out or some stunts.

    This article is just enforcing the views on bikers in the general public. I find that instead of having us to do more training why dont they also do something about having car drivers be more aware of bikes?
  19. I love this kinda stuff.
    "Motorcyclists - crazy, mad people, have more horse power than brains..." and so forth...

    All of it is probably all true to be honest. I know the risks and i try to ride accordingly. Others know the risks and choose to ignore them. But at the end of the day if we wanted to be super safe we would just drive 5 star ANCAP cars. But we don't. We ride motorcycles it is dangereous. Yes we know. DEERRR!! :roll:

    Is all this going to stop me riding? nope. :grin: