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two wheeler

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by mayk, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. HI everyone, Great site and good info. I will be upgrading from my two wheeler Pushiee to motorbike shortly.

    I am fairly new to this motorbike scene. I am hoping to get my learner on this satuarday. I am planning to buy a RGV on sat as well. You ask why RGv and not some POS or other bikes? I really don't know but my heart is stuck with RGV.

    I am not young n stupid so I will not try to ride it in power band, till I am off my L's.

    I narrowed down my search from CR250RR--> VTR250---> VT250 ( spada) ---> RGV250.

    I know the 2stroker will be a high maintenance bike, so I am also looking for some learning! My current budget is 3K for bike, 1K for riding gear and 1K in case something goes wrong.
  2. Welcome to the forum mayk
  3. just know the legalities involved in your purchase and riding of your bike on your L's.
    other than that, welcome.
  4. Welcome to the forums mayk
    Where you from?
  5. Welcome Mayk. As joel said, make sure you are aware if all the legalities with 2stroke 250's etc.

    Otherwise great to have you onboard.
  6. Howdy and welcome.
  7. Hi there.
  8. Hello and welcome.

    If Mayk is in Victoria he can ride a RGV (or NSR) legally on his Ls can't he?
  9. Hey ya... and welcome to The Church of the One-Wheeel-Drive yah...

    And please ah observe the one commandment of our lord tarmac ah...


    and enjoy the forums.... and watch out for the fruit cakes... :wink:

    edit: oh just on your choice of bike they all are good but get something cheap... not abused or bused or even deralict (yay zoolander refference) but cheaper... that way you can spend a little more on saftey equiptment... and you will definatley need this no matter what type of bike you ride...
  10. Hey Mayk welcome and hopefully we'll see you at one of the dinner nights soon, depending where your from.
  11. Thanks all,
    I will miss the sydney nights being a melbournian, but will try to catch you guys on thursday coffee nights.

    I can leagally ride RGV in vic.
  12. Welcome to the forum.
    Your getting a RGV. :grin: :grin: Good on ya. I got one. Its great, maintainance is not too much. Rgvs are great fun. I had mine for L's, people overrate how hard it is to ride,
    3k for a RGV is running a little low. 1k for gear is good. And u have budgeted in 1k for otherstuff.
    Well u better make sure there is not much stuff to get it roadworthy.

    If u need any help with the RGV, PM me.

    Alll the best

  13. i had an rgv250 up until about 2 months ago. it was on my verandah under a blankie for 3 years whilst i rode the CBR.
    cleaned it out, got it going and sold it within a week.
    even had :jerk: RGV.77 numberplates but i loved it.

    it was a schwanz replica, and was lovely to ride but one day you get hair on your chest and just have to have a torquey 4-stroke :LOL: :LOL:
    kidding, i still miss it :oops:
  14. good luck with your Ls. are you gonna get comprehensive or third party insurance?
  15. For now he can, He may need to move quickly on this though.
  16. Quick mayk quick.....
  17. Hi I highly recommend 3rd party. Being on an L and riding 2strokers - you'll get eaten up by the insurance sharks. Just take your time learning the bike.

    Just remember to bring a chain whenever you need to park it on the street. If you have to, make sure it's parked in a busy area and chain your bike next to a light pole or something similar. I think you can get booked for chaining to the ticket machine.

    Overall you should have plenty of fun on it.
  18. Thinking of getting third party insurance. It is cheap and I don't think with an RGV and on learner, I will be able to get a comprehensive for less than 800-1000.

    Will be parking the bike in garage and in the university (Yeah I know prone to theft). Why chain it to something, I will park it where there are some university camera's operating.