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(Two) Wheeler Dealers: Restoring a bike for sale

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by MV, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. The Mrs. wants to sell the 250 & I've been watching a lot of Wheeler Dealers on Foxtel lately, so I decided to iron out all the little niggles with her bike before we sell, in the aim of getting the best possible price, & hopefully even inspiring a few people to pick up the tools & have a go!

    None of it is rocket science, it's just a lot of little things:

    A service which will include:
    Front & rear tyres, new brake pads all round, new coolant & system flush, new spark plugs, oil & filter change, lube clutch & throttle cable, clean & balance carbs, clean & reoil air filter.
    Will check the valves, (which I have just learnt are the locknut type, rather than shim & bucket type, JOY!) they were done about 10K ago when the camchain was replaced, but I'll check them to be on the safe side.

    Greasing & lubing various things like the swingarm & headstem bearings too.

    Some running repairs: Clean & polish the mufflers (there's some plastic melted on them where a bag rested on them)
    Remove, clean & paint the exhaust (rust),
    There are some cracks in the fairing which I will repair with fibreglass,
    I broke a bolt on the clutch cover when I replaced the gasket (set my torque wrench wrong) which I will need to remove & replace.
    There's some paint wear on the top yoke & bar risers which I will repaint as well, & while they're off I might as well replace the fork oil too.

    I think that's it, but I'm sure I'll find some more things along the way.

    Looks like a lot, but none of it is really expensive or hard, & the aim is to maximise my return & give the buyer a well sorted bike that shouldn't need anything more than petrol & oil for good while. It's a 250, so it'll most likely go to a learner.

    I haven't looked around at prices, but I would like to get 3K back, which I think it will be worth.

    Now, we all love pics, here's some before shots!

    Attached Files:

  2. & the faring cracks:

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  3. Nice!, should be a good project. I was going to do similar to my 250 before I got rid of it, but mine was a bit too far gone lol
  4. I love Wheeler Dealers, I have just got a 1986 BMW soft top that is getting a similair treatment but this one goes to my son!
  5. Right, so I've been 40% busy & 80% lazt lately, so not too much to report. I will have to have it done before the 3 of july though, cos I've got to do my valves before the Dyno day... any who, some pics:

    First remove all the bits you don't need


    Then stack them somewhere out of the way, & order 5 Cougars, thanks.


    Anyone know what this is? It came out of the airbox, it doesn't belong to me & the bike has only been to one place for work. :-s No, I won't name them, they have changed staff since, & plus, I scored a free adjustment screw driver!
  6. So, it's late afternoon, I'm running out of time & energy cos I spent all morning tearing up the GOR, so I reckon I better get something done to it:

    Pics not great, but there's about 2mm of material left on the pads, just in time!


    Suck out all the fluid, cleaned the reservoir & did a reserve bleed with new fluid, good as new!


    Did you know the fork screw head that holds the spring in can be taken out with no more than a 1/2 inch rachet? I didn't I reckon that's pretty cool!


    So, front brakes are done, total spent so far: $36 dollars for brake pads, & $8 for fluid. Budgets looking good so far, but the bulk of the work is still to come!

    During the two weeks I should get some time to remove all the bits that need painting & get them prepped, these include the exhaust, handlebars & top clamp.

    Hopefully the following weekend will include: tackling the broken bolt in the alternator cover, valve check, fork fluid change, all cable lubing, & reassembly.

    I will leave the cosmetic stuff till last, as well as the tyres.
  7. Hey, where did you get that nifty syringe??

  8. Supercheap. $7 IIRC.
  9. FArm supplies places sell big syringes as well for a couple of dollars..
  10. Well, the bikes for sale, the only thing I haven't had time to do is fix the cracks in the fairings, but time is now of the essence, ie, I need some cash! (Ialso get to buy a project bike with the leftover money, so come on, help a brother out ;)

    Check it out here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=115906