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Two Wheeled Vehicles

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. An article appeared in the Age today refering to a call for $100mill to be allocated to bicycles.

    With apologies to the author - I have replaced the words "bicycle", "bike" and "cycle" with the words "Two Wheeled Vehicle" in this article and have quoted "my ammended version" below.

    We all ride two wheeled vehicles. Wouldn't it be nice if an article, like the one below actually appeared in the media or was accepted by our legislators......

  2. no way john, i disagree.

    now i'll read your post :p :p
  3. Who do they have representing bicyclists anyway??? How do they manage to get so much money for path upgrades etc, while not even paying rego??
  4. Bicycles are"green" the latest buzzword in politics silly!
    Gotta reduce your CARBON FOOTPRINT! :roll:

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Politicians and their families ride pushies. They're representing their own best interests, as usual. :roll:
  6. I hate to say it, but maybe we should hook up with their lobbying groups! :shock:
  7. Yeah, good luck with that........

    What benefit would there be to them to be associated with big, bad, bikies?
    John, what is the relevance of changing the article to read two wheels and not just bicycles as it was originally written? Are you in some way trying to say that motorcycles compare in some way to bicycles? Other than both having two wheels, the comparisons are faint. No emmissions, no noise, no licence, healthy, compared to CO2 emmissions, LOUD noise, licenced required, no health benefits.
    Cycling is a healthy hobby in that there are direct health benefits to riding a bicycle, motorcycle riding is just an endulgence we all enjoy, and the only health benefit is generally to our sanity due to the crazy lives we lead.
  8. When it comes to "Roadspace Management" - motorcycles and bicycles both share a common "footprint". While one is slightly bigger than the other - the ability of both to fit into a narrow road width is very similar.

    Bicycles are good for short distances away from the busy CBD, while motorcycles are best for those who need to commute long distances from the CBD - yet when both are in the CBD, their road use is similar even down to the speed at which each travels.

    What benefit is there to be gained by developing an alliance with the bicycle lobby?

    Well, personally I think that there are many benefits. I frequently pull up beside bicycle riders, as I am in the process of lane filtering, and have had some very pleasant chats with them - including the benefits of being on two wheels.

    The bicycle riders are a powerful lobby - we could benefit from them.

    The aim is to make car drivers more accountable - to look out for us both, and to accept that we use the road in a particular manner which is "two wheel specific".

    We both share a common "enemy/threat" in the form of four wheeled road hogging cars etc.

    They get $millions thrown at them every year - yet we, their poor two wheeled cousins have to pay for our safety.

    I thought that this thread would die pretty quickly, I'm surprised that it has got a few comments - so, maybe I'm on to something (NOT)..... :shock:
  9. While I dont disagree with you john, 'the cyclists get millions spent on em thing' is a bit of a furphy. Road users (yes that does include cyclists) get billions spent on em out of consolidated revenue. But the roads need to be pretty solid to cope even with motorcycles let alone trucks, Flimsy, cheap and unmaintained is about par for the bits for bicycles.

    The specialist infrastructure for cyclists is a few duel purpose paths, (not so specialised) a very few non duel purpose paths that still seem pretty duel purpose and a lot of lines on the road, that I dont mind in the slightest if you keep.

    To whoever it was who said "They dont pay rego" Good luck getting very far on the $17 worth of road your reg and TAC pay for in victoria. Not nearly enough road to park a motorcycle on. (actually with the $50 additional ar$#% $%% motorcycle levy, if you just count the contact patch of the tires maybe just enough road to park a motorcycle on :p )

    Yeah hooking up with the bicycle lobby would do motorcyclists a world of good. But it aint going to happen. Wait and see how much flak I cop for this post and you will realise we would have to be mad to hook up with you guys. :p Plenty of motorcyclists are cyclists or cycle friendly. And plenty are anti cyclist in the extreme, as I have found to my amazement. Mostly for exactly the same reasons many motorists are anti motorcycle.
  10. Interesting - So far, given the small number of responses in this thread, at least three of us think hooking up with the bicycle riders would be a good idea :cool:
  11. Hey percrime, cyclists in canberra here have literally millions spent on them here. They've also just recently had a whole cyclist complex built for them, including a track for a type of cyclying race we dont even run in Australia.

    My biggest beef with cyclists (and yes not all cyclists) is the total disregard for road rules, like the countless cyclists I've seen punch it through red lights. I'm sure this is partly because they can't be identified like other road users.
  12. For me it's mainly due to the pulling power their lobbying groups seem to have. But I can see why they've want nothing to do with us.
  13. See John :)

    Huh? There is a type of cycling race we dont even run in Australia? Tell me more.
    That would be a track? WTF has that to do with the roads anyway? Edit, I mean this is about cycling as transport yeah, or should we compare the costs of cycling as a sport to general revenue to motorcycling as a sport? Cycling is going to win that one

    If canberra has a entire set of dedicated and useful cycling tracks, and I dont know good on em. I should imagine cycling pollies think they have no chance of staying alive on the road. Its still paid for out of consolidated revenue (I imagine) just like roads. How much of the ACT rego goes to roads? I believe its actually zero but if you would care to check?

    Cos the identification thing works so well for cars that no car driver dares to run red lights?
  14. I think it would be a great idea. But of NO benefit to the strong cycling bodies, therefor it won't happen. They already have way more than us as far as political clout, and public image, and nothing the MRAA or any other motorcycle group has could improve that for them, only risk diminishing their appearance amongst the community through an association with a group that is unfortunately best known for it's gang activity to the average punter out there.

    If you were the cycling group, would you associate yourself with motorcyclists? Not me.
  15. Maybe this needs to be seriously looked at. If BV and various motorcycle interest groups agreed to work together on a few common or agreed issues they would make one HELL of a frightening (to the pollies) lobby group.

    BV could teach a lot of lobby groups how it should be done!

    OK you lot what do we do about it?
  16. I don't believe it - even Triway thinks its a good idea (mind you Triway I can see what you are getting at in your assertion that it may never happen).

    So far its gone from 3 to 5 of us......

    Should we start a Poll on this one?????
  17. They're the only road users that cant be identified so of course they'll get away with more, red lights were just an example.
  18. No.

    There are enough useless Poll's here already. If you do though, make sure one of the options is "it's a great idea, but I wouldn't waste a single minute of anyones time pursuing it". :wink:
    There are many great ideas that are near impossible to pull off. Why don't we get every union member to ride a motorcycle, they would be a good group to have on our side! :roll: :grin:
  19. Ummm. As opposed to motorcycles (from the front) Pedestrians?

    They (and peds ) would be the most vulnerable users in terms of getting hurt. Not the most vulnerable in terms of risk actually with motorcycles winning that at more than 10 times the risk. So if they are 'getting away with more' its not resulting in tears a hell of a lot of the time.

    My own experience is the opposite actually. Cyclists running red lights... and the place where this is most obvious that I know of is St Kilda rd going into town and the offenders are your very casual cyclist who often is riding cos s/he has no licence .. run red lights to a torrent of abuse from those who have stopped, who usually promptly overtake them, stop at red lights and repeat the abuse as the offender sails thru. Put a couple of cops on the road in the morning and they would do great. I would cheer them on

    THe worse offenders cop so much sh^t that they have gone to wearing ipods.


    And this sort of comment is what I mean John. It won;t work. Shame.
    Bit like if I were to discuss this on the BV forum and someone were to chirp up on 'bloody motorbikes running speed camera;s cos they have no front number plate'
  20. John,

    Has the MRAA ever sat down with BV to see what they can co-operate in in regards to lobbying?

    It would be worth at least meeting with BV to see how they gauge motorcyclists'. They can be very environmental and militant (also very effective!!!) in regards to pursuing there goals, and perhaps you just start by seeing what is driving them.

    Time to crack out the old Colnago as I am about to become a bicycle commuter myself soon. Farewell company car... :cry: