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Two-wheeled terrors

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by oztom, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. http://au.tv.yahoo.com/sunrise/soapbox/article/-/article/7375031/two-wheeled-terrors/ :nopity:

    It was on sunrise this morning showing two or three riders doing the wrong thing, therein all bike riders are evil.

    Just to show how low they will go they had Harold Scruby on telling everyone front number plates are needed to slow us down, speed cameras that don’t work at saving anyone but making money will fix all. That and our insurance has to go up to represent our risk on the road.

    Once again they had video of a motorcycle cop following a rider for a few kilometres speeding through school zones and 60k zones at any point the rider could have had an accident, why he didn’t pull him up at the first sign of speeding is just mad.

    The second video showed a rider with pillion overtake an unmarked police bike on unbroken lines on a corner (Yes very naughty). The cop being there still put lives at risk and only enabled him to book the rider. If the cop was on a marked bike sure he would not have booked the rider, but only because the rider would have never put lives at risk at seeing the police bike.

    People need to wake up.
  2. What a ridiculous piece of sensationalistic journalism. Unbalanced, emotive and biased.

    They kick off with two examples of bad riding from the Queensland Plice, then fill it out with stunt riding ?!?!

    But what I find even more upsetting is the lack of response to this thread.

    This thread was posted in the morning and nobody has responded to it.

    A sensationalist anti-motorcycling media report and no Netriders care to respond ?

    Yet if someone posts about an anti-cycling media report then watch the Netrider "motorcycling" community spring into action.

    Bah, what a joke. It looks to me like the genuine motorcyclists are deserting Netrider.
  3. its absolute crap, i wrote a letter to them that was over 2000 words but i doubt it will get read.

    makes my blood boil and i don't think i can say any more without getting banned for life.

    if you havent seen the video, here it is.


    what a friggin joke. they have a facebook site which has been bombarded by people angry about this joke of a 'report'

    i was quite vocal on the facebook site, with numerous comments.
  4. Some one should tell Harold Scuby that pedestrians need to have a front and rear numberplate so they can be identified when they disobey traffic signals ( the dont walk sign ) and then be booked for jay walking


    some of us are at work before sunrise etc even starts
    some of us refuse to watch the lame stream media

    plus you can not even clearly see the speed on the police bike speedo -- the cop could be saying anything

    and is he not placing himself and the public at risk continually having to look at his speedo call out the speed keep an eye on the other bike , speed himself as well etc etc
  5. pedestrians should wear protective clothing and a helmet, and need registration also.

    harold and his fax machine are pure scum of the earth and a waste of oxygen.
  6. I've been seeing sensationalist, biased media reporting about motorcyclists all my life. I've seem stuff in old copies of 60s tabloids that demonises rockers in much the same way. My grandfather and his mates were banned from half the pubs in the North-East of England and received regular police attention in the late 1920s.

    Oddly enough, I'm still riding in much the same way as I always have, facing much the same public attitude as I always have and dealing with much the same laws as I always have.

    These things don't change, so I'm not about to start leaping up and down about a commercial TV beat-up.
  7. Here's one way to fight back that has had great success. Brumbys Bakery was advertising on the website. A six month boycott of their products for not supporting their customers that ride motorcycles.

    Any other advertisers during the commercial breaks that did not support their motorcycle riding customers?
  8. Maybe tomorrow on Sunrise they'll show videos of all the dumb things car drivers do, and what happens to motorcyclists when car owners aren't paying attention and run into a bike rider who's obeying all the road rules.

    Trust me - I've seen many car accidents, and you could rival any motorcyclist footage with thousands more of car users doing worse stuff.
  9. Channel 7 (and 9) suck... They never show actual news, just emo sensationalism. Channel 7 was getting an earful on facebook last I saw.... To hell with their shitty reporting.
  10. what's the point? ranting and raging about it on an internet forum where NO ONE has any power to do or change anything?
  11. Yes - the only appropriate response is to sigh, roll one's eyes and turn off the TV. In fact, I don't even have to do the last part, because I don't have a TV. Not missing much, obviously.

    Yes, commercial TV is sensationalistic shite. No news there. Be nice if we could do something about it, but we can't. Except stop giving them ratings...
  12. I saw the report and just laughed it off. None of the commentators rode bikes, no actual facts presented, ridiculous conclusions so surely it must be a joke. If you drop a roads speed limit from 100km/h to 40km/h within a span of a few hundred meters than its not all that hard to ‘triple’ the speed limit, which was taken from the police bike with a probable 10% margin of error.
    It’s all circumstantial...

    When the second rider killed those children by crossing the unbroken line, the cop could have been riding to the left of the lane to allow them to pass, then pulled across and forced them out of the lane. Once they established how reckless motorcyclists are, conclude with clips of stunters. Nice... ](*,)
  13. We can laugh it off or not. But Sunrise have been pursuing an anti-motorcyclist agenda for several years now. They love to portray riders as "evil killers on our roads", and little by little they will turn attitudes against us. Governments will follow.
    It's not harmless.
  14. I too thought it was just the typical senstionalism and laughed it off although she did state at the start that not all were like that...
    My only concern was if that one day, a decision was made to raise insurances like that idiot was sugesting by the same sort of idiot.....
    Lost all credibility when they showed stunters towards the end.

    WTF was that stupid reasoning that we get hurt more so we should pay more.
    They've already imposed an additional levi in VIC.
    How many hurt every year are caused by cagers????
  15. Of course it's crap journalism, but either not understanding or pretending to not understand why they would use unmarked will make your argument seem flawed to the average Joe.
  16. No, it's not, but I would contend that it's no more harmful than it's been for at least the last 50 years and maybe 80-100+, depending on where you start counting. Yes, it shits me, but I spent my early adulthood being active against such bollocks and saw sod all progress for mine and others' efforts. Shrugging it off is easier and achieves the same net outcome :sad:.
  17. I for one want something to be done about these rogue motorcyclists, they are risking all our lives so they can have "fun" on the weekends?

    Life isn't a game, it's cereal.
  18. I did a quick bit of research...

    In Victoria there have been 138 motorcycle/pedestrian injury crashes over the period 01/01/2004 to 31/12/2008 (the period covered by VicRoads Crashstats)

    Of these almost all appear to be the fault of the pedestrian, usually crossing against red lights or stepping out from behind parked cars. Perhaps Mr Scruby might like to consider mandating helmets with a flashing light on top to warn riders (and drivers) of the presence of a pedestrian.

    Of course if Harold Scruby was to design them they'd be made with special tin-foil insulation.
  19. Ok, a few things with this sunrise "report"
    1) Those two videos they showed were actually the same one, if you go to the Queensland Police Service page on facebook and look at the video section you can see the actual footage (Covert Motorcycle 1-3)
    2) The speed that the motorbike was going at can only be an assumption, notice that the police bike had to speed up to catch him. What's to say that the police bike exceeded the speed even more to catch up after falling behind. (hence why a static camera should be the only real evidence of speeding)
    3) To dramatise the "report" further they show footage of stunt riders in America doing stupid things on steets.
    3) That guy Harold Scruby says that by introducing the front number plate like singapore would bring down the fatality rate, yet based on data from singapore: http://www.spf.gov.sg/stats/traf2008_concern.htm no it wouldn't.

    Anyway, bitching and moaning on here wont do anything. If I learned anything about the government you have to be prepared to stand up and be heard to get your point across. Just look at the R18+ games debate that ended up being one of the reasons that helped push Michael Atkinson out of parliament.
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    Guys and Gals why is the general media being completely biased a new thing. Ratings is the only thing that matters.

    Every time I see Today Tonight (HOONS!!!), Sunrise and any of those other POS shows all I think of is.......

    THE SUN!... "Kylie is an ALIEN!"


    Watch that and feel better :D