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Two wheeled Christmas goodies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ljcoolio, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Any suggestions for my two wheeled accessories Christmas Santa list? Anyone know of anything cool they are getting? Gotta give my wife ideas otherwise I get squat! Anyone reading this merry Christmas and try not to get flattened by Santa out on the highway

  2. Dunno if this is quite what you had in mind, but, today I am heading off, in the wife's car to collect my Chrissie present.

    Yes, it does have two wheels.

    It's a wee trailer for carrying a motorbike.

    Soon as I can, I'll post up a piccie.
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  3. A track day is always fun and wifey can go to
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  4. #4 Jeffco, Dec 16, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2015
    I'm getting a new pair of RST Bandit leather gloves picked them up from AMX yesterday, so I know of one thing in my stocking :)
  5. I treated myself to a pair of Astars smx 2 air gloves at Sydney City Motorcycles yesterday, down from $99 to $75 currently - couldn't find anyone close to that price on the auction site. Great air flow, great for hot days, quite impressed.
    Also got a pair of GP Plus track gloves............. and some 90 degree valves, and ................. faaaark i hate shopping ;)
  6. Ditto to the shopping but gloves sound good
  7. I bought a Kriega Tailbag for my bike :D
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  8. a first class ticket to Bologna would be good!
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  9. 'tis the season... My wife got me a new Shoei GT-Air for our anniversary 2 weeks ago and now I'm ordering a set of panniers to go with the top box for Christmas.
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  10. Nice you must be doing something right thx for suggestions
  11. Perfect but I don't like my chances have Merry Christmas
  12. hubby is getting me braided brake lines for the Smurfette
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  13. That's true love
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  14. I guess it's motorcycle related, I'm getting a nice big Stanley socket set to help me when I try to break/fix my bike.

    Also lashed out on an Oxford tail bag for myself for Xmas.

    Money is being saved for the January license upgrade......and everything that goes with that.
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  15. I'm getting a new BMW F700GS. And helmet, gloves, jacket, pants and boots to go with it. Haven't decided on gear yet.
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  16. Very generous wife then!
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  17. I am not like my chances but I asked for a MCA gift certificate for a new helmet...I want a Skully...
    that or a herd of cattle I can harvest the leather off to get a set of leathers made for my bulk
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  18. OldmaidOldmaid pardon my ignorance but what's a Scully?
  19. Jonesy_Jonesy_ I believe it is a brand of helmet
  20. Ha not ignorance sorry I am just being a wanker....google skully helmets. I reckon they are the sexiest helmets ever made...at least i can hide in it and pretend lol!
    Likely go another shark- I like them and they handle my glasses really well.