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Two Wheel Torque filming tomorrow night - girls night ????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MrOkimura, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    Apologises if this has already been posted or is in the wrong forum.

    TWO WHEEL TORQUE Invites you !
    Yes folks the filming of this years series has started and your all welcome!
    RMIT building 12 Swanson st Melbourne
    time 6:00pm Monday 21st of Feb
    Hosted by Tony{talk} Toomey
    Subject Women in Motorcycles { want to be boy racers }
    And how do they show us up!
    ATV yamaha team girls Supercross Honda race team honeys! Very Happy Opposite the Opposite the OXFORD SCHOLAR HOTEL meals are GREAT

  2. I just received an email asking me to attend this. :LOL: :LOL: Not sure that I'm a "wanna be boy racer tho" :LOL:
  3. I'll be there talking about women riders and issues we face, not that I can think of any that only effect women. If the powers that be give me the go ahead, I will also be giving Netrider a plug.
    If anyone can make it for the audience, I'd love the support ;)
    It's free to sit in the audience. I will be leaving my place at 5pm with Falom VTR if anyone wants to ride in with us (warning for newbies - lane splitting involved). Otherwise recording starts at 6pm.
    I really hope to see a few familiar netrider faces in the audience ;)
  4. See there is no need for a womens only section.

    You all ask for equality, you get it.

    Chin chin :)

    P.s you have permission to plug away ;)
  5. I can think of some issues, but none that I would want to discuss on TV!! (or on here for that matter) :shock: :shock: :?
  6. I have an issue that relates to women (mostly).

    If your boobies are huge, when you lean over in order to get better aerodynamics, they get squished and might get uncomfortable. Not that I have that problem :cry:
  7. LMAO, I am glad you added the last bit to that post Rob :LOL: :LOL:
    I'm not huge by a long shot and don't have that problem. I think my only problem is the damn seat heights on those hondas :twisted:
  8. Ooh, ooh, ooh! What about those of us with long hair (again, mostly girls).

    Our hair gets all notty due to the wind!! A bit hard to stuff hair up into the helmet.

    Even if we tie it back, the little hair bands sometimes come out!!

    S'pose we could stuff our hair down inside our jackets - if long enough!
  9. Re: Two Wheel Torque filming tomorrow night - girls night ??

    How about girls who want to do stunt stuff??? :wink:

    I've been practising some moves.... (and getting in trouble for it)


  10. Glen what do you think about this problem?
  11. I can only think of one thing. Why doesn't anybody cater gear to women who are small and actually rides on a bike instead of being pillion? How about some gear that caters to female instead of rummaging around in the kids section??
  12. How about bringing a Hairbrush Rob? :wink: :D
  13. Here here!!

    I am having a hell of a lot of trouble finding gear to fit me!!

    I have to get Draggin's custom made...
    I have to get Leathers custom made.....

    There's a kids section???? Have only seen MotoX bike stuff for kids so far!
  14. As a long haired guy, I learnt that if its not in a plait, its in a knot. A couple of times when I can't be stuffed to plait, Ive used 4 hair ties along the length of the pony tail. Mostly I just stuff my hair inside my jacket.

    Maybe I could make some money doing ads for Pantene, removing my helmet, shaking my long silky knot free hair loose, and smiling seductively at the camera. :wink:

    On no, wait a minute, probably not. I'm told my face looks much better on the radio. :cry:
  15. You'll find that only recently have moto apparel companies started focusing on this problem. Check out Joe Rockets new range to see what I mean.
  16. In case you haven't noticed.....this is an issue for some blokes on netrider also :LOL: :p :LOL:
  17. :LOL: now thats a mental image!!!!
  18. "This is where all us women can discuss the problems that we face.
    Including hair (or matted carpet when not tied up), clothing (small waist, large hips and butt, large chest, arms that dont touch the ground), and boobies that touch the tank. "

    Well you seem to have mentioned a whole raft of taboo topics there and I wasn't offended even once, maybe you don't need a women only forum afterall.
  19. C'mon Deb,

    All go well? Any Netter's in the audience? Did they do your hair and makeup?
  20. What was spose to be a "women on bikes chat" turned into a netrider Promo night :D
    No mention of what problems women face when riding but about a 5 minute chat about netrider, what we do, social stuff etc.
    One of our partners, Underdog Leathers, was also there doing a speil on his products and another segment on Quad racing. The show will be aired on March 8th at 7pm on Channel 31.
    It's the night of the Bikemart shopping night but I am going to try and get a copy of the show.