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Two-week Victoria and NSW tour - advice needed!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Joos, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Me and a mate of mine who is coming over here from Sweden are going on a two week tour with two wheels each between us.

    We have rented nice bikes, BMW R1150GS and are more than a little excited about the prospect of doing some long km in the saddle of our German stallions.

    However, it has fallen upon me to plan the major scope of the trip since I live here. However, when it comes to grand touring I am feeling a little bit lost, part to the sheer amount of roads to chose from, but also by not being sure of where to go get the best experience for me and my long way away mate.

    So basicly, I am asking for your advice on where to go, which roads to chose to get the most of the Australian great outdoors.

    I would love to hear of a specific spot you like to go to, a nice twisty bit of road, good spots to stay over night.

    The basic plan is to head out from Melbourne the 22nd of December, go south west along the great ocean road down to the twelve apostles, then take a long way back to Melbourne and celebrate Christmas there with some friends. Second stage is up northeast towards Sydney and NSW for a few days and celebrate New Years Eve in Sydney with some mates there. Then we need to be back in Melbourne by the 5th of January.

    All advice will be greatly appreciated!

    Also, if there are some books available about touring in Australia that you can recommend, I would love to hear about them!

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Rough first draft of the first leg (first three days): Google Map link

  3. Hi Joos,

    A suggested route for the Vic/NSW section, sorry I am too slack to post maps. :)

    Black Spur
    Reefton Spur
    Wee Jasper

    A couple of suggested books: https://netrider.net.au/store/cid-49-1-info.html
    Hema Motorcycle Touring Atlas.
    Bitchun Bitumen

    Both have lists of good rides. Have fun :)
  4. That loop looks good. Don't discount doing the North Grampians Rd from Halls Gap. Amazing scenery.

    We pretty much the same way from Halls Gap to Woodend in early Spring - perfect time with everything green.
  5. Great Alpine Road through Mt Hotham and Omeo. :wink:
  6. I would save some time for the Snowys. The Snowy Mountains Highway from Tumut down to Kiandra, and then around through Khancoban (2 routes but the little pub at Tooma is a real Aussie special). Take it over to Thredbo and don't forget "Wild Brumby" schnapps distillery on the way down to Jindabyne. Your visitor will understand.

    If you are camping, consider the roadside site just N of Yarrongabilly caves. Or try out the NSW side of the Murray oppo Towong - a great place for a swim. And the excellent spots between Tom Groggin and Thredbo (don't forget to pay in the National Park!)

    My bike doesn't do dirt but there is plenty of that around if you are feeling more adventurous.

    Safe riding
  7. For the East Coast you need


    you could easily spend more time around the great ocean road and apollo bay.
  8. Let us know if you decided to head Eildon way, there are a few trails (nothin too serious) that I can show you around :wink:
  9. Yep, you musn't miss the opportuntiy to ride within a couple of kays of Australia's highest mountain; Corryong to Threbo, via the Alpine Highway.