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Two-up is fun (bit of a ramble)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pete the freak, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Or, " My First Pillion Experience"

    Well, my restrictions were officially over on Saturday and to celebrate I took my GF on a trip to Toukley (about 150km round trip), for lunch with her family.

    Must admit I was bloody scared to begin with, but what better way to get over ones fears than to jump right in at the deep end eh? We began with a little trip to the Coles up the road for some roach bombs and exit mould (we had a flat inspection this morning) just to see how it was. Nic (my GF) has pillioned about a dozen times before, so she was pretty cool, leaning with me, not fiddling about, not distracting me (much).
    I on the other hand was a bit unsure unsure of myself. I was alright once we were going, my acceleration and braking is usually pretty sedate anyway, and Nic doesn't weigh much, so that wasn't a problem. It was just the moving off, slow speed work and coming to a stop that had me worried. Just a few little wobbles on take off, and having to put both feet down at the traffic lights. I think it'll just be a case of practise makes perfect on that one.

    So with my confidence building, we decided that the 150km round trip was definitely do-able. As we were running a little late, we didn't have time to take the Old Pacific Hwy, so our first major pillion experience was gunning it full throttle up the F3. Apart from the occasional cager who was driving in a dream, cold knees, the occasional frightening gust of wind and the obligatory wrong exit, twas a thouroughly enjoyable freeway run (well as enjoyable as going at 110kph in a sraight line for 40mins can be...).

    Got off the freeway at the Sparks Rd exit and then it was straight down Sparks Rd, which becomes another road, which then becomes Main Street Toukley, but with a few twists and turns and roundabouts thrown in for good measure.

    Twas a good fun ride. The Hyosung (which is still in 'learner' mode) handled the two up experience quite well. Nic claimed it was the comfiest bike she'd ever pillioned on, which wasn't a huge statement as the only other bikes she'd pillioned on were a CBR600 and a VTR1000. The back rest was a little low for her (might have to make up a custom one... Hmmm.), but the footpegs were spot on and the saddle WELL cushioned.

    Quite proud of myself on two counts, got a personal best on the freeway (which I'm sure will be eclipsed as soon as I get the restrictors removed), and we also got the thumbs up from some serious bikies... It feels good to be part of something, what ever it is. You should've seen this bloke, old maybe 1970's Harley, full length driza-bone, open face helmet with one of those neoprene face masks with the skull drawn on it giving us a big thumbs up whilst FLYING past us on the freeway (and we were doing at least 120...)

    Any hoo, enough of my rambling, just wanted to share my pillioning experience with you guys (god knows why). Life just got a whole lot better...


    (Mods, I put this in 'Riding tips' as I thought I'd actually come up with a few pillioning tips, but I didn't. Feel free to relocate as you see fit...)
  2. Nice one! :grin:

    I've never taken a pillion and I'm still a bit reserved about it. I guess I should just give it a whirl. Doesn't sound too bad :p

    How did you find the extra weight/balance in the corners?
  3. nice one mate, so what did your girlfriend wear? short shorts, singlet top etc? :grin:

    are you getting your bike derestricted soon? should make 2 up a bit easier, at highway speed anyway.
  4. I'll sit down sometime and write out my new pillion induction routine, I think they're essential. Especially the "don't help, be a sack of spuds" bit.
  5. Loz.
    Your Nanna makes great roast spuds!

    Oh, watch the throttle useage, two up aswell!
  6. Hmmm. Let me think.

    1) Dont help , be a sack of spuds.
    2) wriggle all you damm well want but only at speeds above 5 kph.
    3) ON"T wriggle when stopped. and balanced on one toe at the lights.
    4) If its really important thump me to get my attention.
    5) Should we go down and we wont, dont stop your fall with your hands it doesn;t work
    6) Dont put both hands in the middle of my back and push when I am braking really hard. Its not helping
    7) TRY not to bang helmets.
    8) Do NOT stand on the pillion seat
    9) Dont get on till I tell you. Dont get off till I tell you. Dont put your feet down at the lights

    Not necessarily in that order

    Did I miss any?
  7. Well done pete the freak!! I got my new V-Star 250 and my L's, I had a factory sissy bar, saddle bags and removable screen, and as soon as I got the chance I took the Mrs for a run. She's great on the back, some times I look in the mirror and i see her hands on her Knees and she is almost NODDING OFF!!! Though when i first got the bike new it was without the sissy bar etc, and the Mrs DIDN'T like that at all!! she kept thinking She was gonna fall off every time i took off, and then refused to get back on untill i got the sissy bar, Sissy!!

    I also find, especially with the 250, pulling up, slow speeds and taking off some times difficult, but with experience it does get easier.

    something i was told doing my L's test was, If you gotta put both feet down, do it, beats falling over!! From that i have learned to usually pull up on both feet, gain balance(if the pillion isn't squirming) and take off from one foot.

    It's funny, over time i have had my Mum, my Mrs, my brother, and a mate on the back and out of all of them my Mum and my girl are the best. My girl is about 60 kg, my Mum about 110kg, my mate and my brother both about 85kg, but my brother in particular fights my leaning on corners and moves around like a lump of jelly, and my mate was the same(even trying to put his feet down as we came to a stop) though he is getting better.

    anyways, good to see some pillioning, let someone else enjoy the experience with you!!

    Rubber LOVES Road, DON'T break the relationship!!
  8. how about:

    10) You're the boss, I'm not interested in scaring you shitless so you'll never come ride with me again. If I'm going too fast or you're scared, tap my leg. If you want me to go faster, let me know.

    11) If I reach back and pat your leg, I'm about to give it some berries or pull a wheelie (don't worry, I won't do wheelies unless I'm comfortable with how you're going on the back, and then I'll ask for your explicit permission) - either way, if I pat your leg, hang the fcuk on!

    12) When we first get to a clear bit of road, I'm going to weave back and forth a bit. This is so you can get used to relaxing when the bike leans in a bit. Just relax and you'll enjoy it. If you don't relax, I'm either gonna ride reeeeeal slow or turn around and go home, 'cause you're gonna mess up my bike's handling.

    13) Try to keep your weight back off me when I'm braking. Hanging on tight under brakes squashes my grollies.

    14) I have a lot of riding buddies, but while you're on the back I can't wave hello to them if we pass them on the road. So please wave to any other rider you see. I am good friends with most of the motorcyclists in this town, so they'll probably wave back. You are lucky to be pillioning with such a popular motorcylist.
  9. :LOL:
    EDIT: I'm sigging that!
  10. Copyright, you will be hearing from my Lawyers!!

    Just Jokes!!
  11. OK 10 is covered under my point 4. Your version is better tho :)
    11, Nah I pat girly pillion legs to well.. just pat their legs. We need another signal
    12 Yep. Needs to have added "I weave cos I can "

    13 needs to be added to 6. Fair dinkum tho. THe girl responsible for 6 nearly broke both my arms. I was braking right on the limit.. And I needed too.

    14. You can't? But yeah you are right. 14, call it the new 10. "Your job is to wave at ALL other motorcyclists

    I hope you are writing all these down Loz. I think we are writing the motorcycle pillion code of conduct here :)

  12. That has more to do with the riders throttle control, braking and gear changes.
  13. 15: If your pillion is of the 'opposite' sex ( preferably your partner ) on the long straight streaches your left hand is allowed to wander to anywhere that may be pleasurable :wink:
    But bear in mind that if they are NOT in the mood you may get payback in the form of a cold degloved hand sliding up the back of your jacket onto any exposed or accesable skin :shock:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. On a sports bike with a high tank the pillion can reach around the rider and place thier palms against the tank. During braking they are the pushing against it to brace themselves and if pulled back under acceleration they can grab you around the waist.




  15. oh yeah. THen why is that only one of my pillions?

    Or to put it another way. it does require a tiny bit of anticipation on the part of the pillion no matter how smooth you are (and I am pretty smooth) which is why most of em do it a couple of times on the first ride they have. Usually never again. But Helen cos she was a vic roads instructor on bikes back when they had em is terrible

  16. Yep this is the best method :) Doesnt work with every pillion tho.
  17. Relax, I wasn't having a go at you it was added to show that its more the riders responsibilty than the pillions. No need to get defensive.
  18. Exam tomorrow :(
    THis is rules for pillions. Not rules for riders :)

    Rules for riders will include.. You are a dumb sod if you are wearing shorts and a tshirt and so is your pillion. You are an utter mongrel if you are wearing full leathers and your pillion is wearing shorts and a tshirt.
    Be smooth.
  19. Raise that, to what i saw on sunday. You are an utter sod if you are wearing full leathers, and your pillion, your 5 year old son is wearing an MX helmet and T shirt and shorts.
  20. 15) right tap on my shoulder = me stop .... right = brakes. Three reasonably solid taps for stop, NOW.

    16) tap on left shoulder = you want my attention, not urgently.

    17) tap on left /right leg, I want you to turn left/right

    18) thumbs up = me having fun. thumbs down means you leaned away from the ground in the turn, nearly killing the both of us and I am a tad miffed about the whole situation.