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Two Thumbs up for Third Gear Customer Service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Takamii, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Two thumbs up for www.thirdgear.com.au

    Bought a blue tooth headset from them 2 months ago

    It decided to stop recharging yesterday

    Sent them an email (on sunday) had a response within an hour advising me to send it back to them and they would send a replacement unit

    Its a good unit by the way for $90 - it claims to work up to 120 kms p/h

    I know it works at more than that


    when riding and listening to music from my htc legend android it will stream music to the unit - but at the same time it will stream the navigation as well

    what happens it as the navigation speaks instructions it interrupts the music to tell me to turn left 300 meters down the road etc etc then it goes back to the music

    I am stoked with it
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    How do you find the volume? I tried one of the eBay ones and could barely hear it above 60, or the distortion was terrible.
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    I have no problem if anything its too loud, some times I cant hear a thing after removing my helmet after an hour - its a bit tinny though as the speakers dont have the greatest level of bass performance - but Im not a doof doof type music aficionado anyway

    for $90 I am happy

    the music for me is a "background" in my helmet rather than to drown everything out

    Third gear is I assume someone like myself working from home etc - keeps costs down and provides good customer service, so I like and prefer to do business with the little guy so to speak where I can.
  4. Yeah, I've bought some gear from them before.

    is it this one?
  5. difference in helmets make the noise quality/difference?
  6. good point - it may be so
  7. Yeah, it could be my helmet.
    I am waiting for somewhere in Sydney to try on one of Tak's helmets (I find some brands I am L, some XL, and some just feel horrible... go figure).
  8. That will happen in about 2 weeks have the person and place organised
  9. Fantastic! I assume you will announce on here? I'll be there.
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  10. Placed my first order with Third Gear over the weekend for a bike cover. So far, am impressed with their communication system and speed of dispatch.
  11. i can only get one thumb up tell me what am i doing wrong?
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    I hear nasal therapy is doing wonders these days
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  13. are you saying im impudent?
  14. No, no. Not at all. Just you have issues with elections.
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  15. my wife says im impudent or some such