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Two thumbs up for the people at Bike Mart.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Evo86, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Just after purchasing all my gear for my first bike I thought I should send some compliments the way of the people that helped me. After visiting many places for gear this forum led me to Bike Mart in Ringwood. The guys there are fantastic. Brian was willing to spend some time with me (on a very busy day for them mind you) and let me try on lots of gear even knowing i wasn't planning to purchase that day.

    He was very helpful as well as the other guys I dealt with there and made the experience as easy as possible and gave me a couple of bargains. \:D/

    Guys the gear is great after my 1st day riding in it and i recommend them to any people in need of gear in melbourne. Now time for my learning experience on the road.
  2. yep i had the same experience with Bike mart ringwood too
    i think the blokes name was max i told him i wasent looking at buying that day he said no worries and still spent a good 30mins with me trying stuff on seeing what stuff i liked etc
    great customer service,great pricing
    will be paying them a visit when i get around to purchasing my riding gear
    only downside is there not a Shoei stockist
  3. what kind of shoei stuff are you looking for? I seen plenty of shoei helmets in there. they don't have all the models but definitely a good range.
  4. Sweet
    looking for Helmet
    maybe i was blind but it was over a year or 2 ago
    when i was last in there
  5. Yeah they stock shoei now. They were a helmet that definitely did not fit my head when i tried it on. :?
  6. Pity you didn't wait for the netrider night last night!