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Two this morning!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by snake, May 21, 2010.

  1. Ok, riding from Freshwater to Chatswood on my daily morning commute.
    The first incident was at a set of lights with twin lanes. The right hand lane was banked up, I was in the left. I took a cautious drive up the left hand lane and had a feeling someone was going to pull out. Next thing a chick in a white GETZ pulled straight into my lane with no indicator...I was at this time about at her passenger side door so had enough room to move around and speed up...no wave or nod of forgiveness...for that I say "FUK OFF".

    Then I get 1km from Chatswood, driving up a two lane rd, double lines, there is a lady in a rav 4 waiting to turn right and waited for the car in front of me, the car passes her and she deciedes to pull out in front, I only avoided her but swerving right around and nearly going into the gutter...

    If I see her car again in Chatswood, it wont have any windows left and ill pop each tyre.

    Thanks for listening.
  2. It happens dude. Expect it, and be pleasantly surprised when they dont try to kill you.
  3. It was a hell of a morning mate, a bloke in a Lexus 4WD swung across 2 lanes on Victoria rd for a side street and almost took about 3 riders in the bus lane out (He was on his mobile).
  4. I get at least two every morning.

    Try commuting 82 k's or more each day.... then you'll see ;)

  5. No it won't
  6. I used to do that...was a biatch especially since the whole stretch of the commute was on the the freeway, which was always banked up anyway from start to finish. For Melbourne riders...from Edgars Rd to Kororoit Creek Rd along the Ring Rd. Roadworks don't help either. Trucks and stupid drivers is not a good combination.
  7. Yeah i know man. this morning as i rode down to the shops in my PJ's some guy drove up next to me and a passenger wound down the window and preceeded to sit up on the window and draw out a BAZOOKA fully loaded and he fired it at me.So my bike sprouted wings and flew over the missile and then i used my .50 cal machine gun attached to my bars to rain hell down on this guys SUV, they exchanged fire with .9mm pistols until i blew their tyres and the SUV vered off the raod and blew up with an almighty explosion.
    Then i preceded to get his #plate and trace his address and write him a nasty letter
  8. yeah me too man... this like really old lady in a pajero starts drifting into my lane on the freeway man and i'm kicking and thumping the pajero as hard as i can and like she just keeps comming over ...then i punched out her side window and grabbed her by the hair, we're doing like 110 kph and she hits the anchors hard...and i'm holding on tight to her purple hair and i've just ripped her straight out the window and i'm dragging her down the freeway by her hair now, pajero went straight through the cheese cutters and exploded into a big fireball when it hit a semi...and then WOOOO WOOOO sirens and the pigs pulled me over and the old lady gets up and starts running and the coppers jumped out of his car and came straight for me, so i grabbed his gun of him and i shot him in the ass!
  9. im sorry monkey man but your story just sounds like an extreme exaggeration
  10. Was this him? He was on the news...
  11. :rofl:

    AH thanks for making my crappy night at work a little better!
  12. LAWL thats him alright. bad news tho i didnt see him crawl from the wreckage...
  13. Yeah i commute a little over 100km each day. Gets hairy regularly...
    Ive found the situation i need to be most aware in is (and this goes for either lane), im in a stream of traffic passing slower traffic in the other lane, and someone will, 3 in 5 times, yank their car over into my buffer space. Normally ive got enough that its no trouble, but when its busy if you leave space it just keeps getting filled up, and takes you twice as long to get home. Thats when it goes all ape like.
  14. I've had three good ones this weekend.

    1-Guy used two lanes of a roundabout, while going slow. Pity I was almost next to him, but he missed me by about 1m, so it was only annoying.

    2-About 100m done the road at another roundabout, had a bloody Lexus 4WD pull out in front of me. So I slammed on the brakes and hit the horn. She then panicked and slammed on her brakes, thus blocking both lanes of the exit. We then sat the in the middle of the roundabout for about 10 seconds while she worked out if she was driving the car or talking on her phone.

    3-I was in the left lane, silver Corolla (or similar) in the right. Both going through a pair of traffic lights (two sets for the highway overpass), both doing about 75. Silver Commonwhore SS stopped at the right turn lane decided he didn't want to turn, so put his foot down and pulled out in front of the Corolla. Corolla swerved into my lane, I took the push bike lane and we both hit our horns and gave the finger to the Commonwhore driver. Commonwhore put his foot down and left the area. After that the Corolla got back into his lane, as did I.
  15. There is so much awesome in this thread.
  16. I was in the cage the other day, taking all the normal precautions (not changing lanes if there is a car adjacent in the far lane in case of dual merge, lightly getting on the brakes if I suspect a pull out, all hands on steering wheel and eyes in every mirror and two headchecks for a lane change).

    and my passenger had the audacity to say that I was a bad driver because i'm a "nervous driver". I'm sorry but just because i'm cautious doesn't mean that I'm crap. Man I was royally offended at this.... I've lost traction on a single traction vehicle many times and kept it upright, I've swerved to miss countless cars, I've dodged crap on the road...

    A nervous driver has his or her SR's take over at the drop of a hat. Being put in that basket because I was driving cautiously or defensively was a slap in the face to say the least! The person who said this is someone who gave up riding when they were on their L's and almost got themselves killed and now "hates bikes because they are deathtraps".

    Jesus some people are on the far end of the dim scale...

    *Ranting hat, off*
  17. Yeah..I went for a ride the other day and was almost hit by a cage too.....oh hang on...sorry. that happens on almost every ride....will let the thread of every day happenings resume.... ;)
  18. i almost ran over my cat this morning when wheeling my bike out from under the carport :(