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Two Stroke to the Outback

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by Bruce McMurtrie, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. I am riding with my brother to Caneron Corner in March. I will be riding my newly purchased and registered KTM 300 EXC 2 smoker. My brother will ride My KLR650 that I recently completed the Black Dog Ride to Ayers Rock on. Upon talking to people about me riding to Cameron Corner from Katoomba on the 2 Stroke they look at me like I am mad. In my younger days most of the trail bike (now enduros) were medium sized air cooled 2 stroke and everybody who did adventure riding rode these. I am looking forward to the adventure and the trip to the past of long distance riding on the 2 stroke. Here's hoping I survive it.

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  2. You won't have a chance, just like the bloke on the 125 Husky in the Dakar, whoops maybe you will as 125 man is still going strong.
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  3. KTM make some nice adventure bikes but your model isn't one of them, it's designed for local short blats.

    Having said that there are all sorts of people who ride all sorts of inappropriate machinery to all sorts of locations and don't die!

    You're about to have one of those "hold my beer" moments and maybe even feature in your very own You Tube video :p
  4. I'm not fully across modern offroad bike, so I'm not entirely sure what the question is here. is it because the bike is physically designed for short workouts or is it engine longevity and/or powerband?

    If it's the latter I wouldn't be too worried. Modern two strokes have much wider power bands than older ones and I'm pretty confident logevity hasn't gone backwards with water cooling and improvements in quality.

    the old "trick" with two-strokes was to treat them mean. They started becoming unrelieble when you started trying to ride them at lesser throttle settings.
  5. I don't think the OP was a question so much as a statement of his intentions.

    Probably not the machinery that I would have chosen for a ~2600km round trip, but each to their own.

    You must have an arse of steel to even consider it. Have you done any research into comfort mods for the bike (seat, flyscreen etc)?
    It's a fairly long haul, so wind buffeting, sore arse, two-stroke buzzing for long periods, etc would be rather fatiguing....

    Also, these modern 2st dirt bikes are highly strung, have you looked into any changes for reliability's sake? How does the trip fit around the service intervals for the bike?

    Not picking at all, just throwing some points out that sprung to mind.

    To be fair, modern 4 stroke enduro/MXers are just as, if not more intensive with the maintenance requirements, so I reckon you made the right choice between the two.
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  6. Some time ago, now, I looked at making the trip to Cameron Corner...... well, being called Cameron, it was inevitable. :)

    The one thing that struck me was how big the distances were from one wee patch of civilisation (?) to the next.

    So, given fewer and fewer servos seem to have decent two-stroke oil available, and, as I know, two-strokes aren't the most economical of bikes, you might want to give serious consideration about your bike's potential range, and where you may be able to refuel and refill the oil.
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