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Two Stroke Clubs?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rgr_88, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Hey, does anyone know if there are any two stroke bike clubs around at all or in NSW. cheers.

  2. Two stroke riders don't have time to participate in clubs. They are too busy rebuilding their bikes.

  3. we should start one

    imagine group buys on 2t oil :grin:

    not that it is likely :oops: :(

  4. Yeah mate, here is the founding member. :p

  5. What, start a 2 stroke?

    Good luck. Let us know how the muscle building exercise went. You might even be able to get a run with an AFL team as their full forward.

    Imagine that - being able to kick a goal from the half back line....
  6. I'll be a member!
  7. Might as well resort to playing footy and give up bikes completely if you can't get your stroker to start over with the first few kicks...
  8. This is more like the founding member!


    That other guy's riding a 4-stroke briggs and stratton!
  9. If you find a 2-stroke bike club I will join!!
  10. HEHE 2 stroke club would be awesome!

    I'm waiting for LAMS to be introduced in vic so I can grab a nice 250 2T track/project bike on the cheap
  11. OT question: Were any 2T road sports bikes ever released with a capacity greater than 250cc?

    And how do the acceleration/max speed of a 250cc 2T compare to a 600cc 4T?
  12. RG500
    +that weird italian 1ltr 2 stroke bike
  13. Yeah Bimota V-Due. Was 120hp around 140kg and enough to scare the living pants off most people who rode it. Unfortunately it was the bike that almost killed Bimota due to running issues with the new direct injection system. Unfortunate because it has pretty much put the last nail in the two stroke coffin. If only they got it right...
  14. there was an RD400 and 500 models. Not sure if they were legal here tho.

    Accel depends on bike/condition. Good looking and in good nick RGV/NSR/RS, even an RZ250 modded with 350 parts can beat the pants of most 600's up to 140 but then they will fly past.

    2 stroke club? I'd join! I just bought one :grin:
  15. Large capacity 2 strokes. Well, there was the Kawasaki 750 2 stroke triple, and the Suzuki 750 "waterbottle", one of the first ever water cooled bikes to be built as a mass prod. bike.

    I don't think that there were anything larger, but I could be wrong.

    The Kwaka was a biatch of a bike to ride, with a power curve that more or less went straight up, and what with the multiple hinges built into the frame, it made for an interesting ride over 140 kays (sorry, 88 mph back then).

    Well, it was for me, that is...
  16. hey guys yes there is a two stroke club...co run by me...and another guy...im in newcastle he is in sydney...we had a ride day meet on the old road just b4 xmas..we usually advertize via post classic forum and rd/rz alex hayze forum which is in the uk ..but alot of aussies read it..last ride we had about 15 guys..mostly yam stuff rd,rz tzr,rz500 but every one is more then welcome..i personally ride a tzr250 and my love of my life cagiva mito with rz engine which has banshee big bore kit..470cc:)...all the guys who r riding are very passionete about the bikes and have a world of knowledge in mods and fabrication parts and engineering on 2 stroke tek..and dont worry about the the big 4 stroke guys...and their remarks...most would shit themselves if they got off their predictable lineal powered r6 and hopped on a worked 81 rd350lc..they dont get that motorcycling is about fun and and not the capacity of ur ..umm..engine..lol and as for long life..tell me what 4 stroke u are riding that wheelies second gear no clutch thats almost 30 yrs old...i bet in 30 yr r1 will not be looked at in the same respect...also the banshee top ends available for rz engine are ridiculous..120hpr is easily achievable..so is 180 if ya pockets are deep enuf...im lookin to organize another ride next month....pm me your numbers..and ill call or text...or let me know on here if u guys r keen...my number is 0406726252 justin
  17. hey justin im in newcastle aswell and would love to come on rides and everything i have a rg250
    pm me with more details so i can get involved

  18. hey mate..sorry i cant pm till ive done 20 posts..lol..im new..i think i saw you ride past my house the other day im in hamilton is yours the the white with the red and orange?? gimmie a call or something..if yr interested i have a set of race chambers for rg 250..0406726252..
  19. i will call you today (sunday) and as for the chambers yes !!! i was about to order jolly moto ones for it
    and yes it sounds like it was me that went past you
    where abouts in hamilton are you ?
    i live at elermore vale and own a shop at the elermore vale shopping centre