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Two steps closer!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ]{ing Nothing, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Things are moving a lot faster than I expected!

    Went in to see the guys at Tiger Angel today, and got measured for a Guardian suit. $500 deposit with $1500 more to go in 4 weeks when its made.

    And I also booked in for my license on the 5th and 6th of october... right before the bike expo on saturday 7th.

    Hopefully the expo will give some good idea of which bike/helmet/boots/gloves to buy. I'm practically trembling with excitement! It's like I'm 6 years old again and it's Christmas Eve. Going to be tough sleeping tonight :)


  2. Tiger Angels... no life 'til leather? ;)

    What do you need a helmet for?
    And with dust in throat I ride
    So in her I do confide

    Gloves are an idea though.
    White knuckle tight
    Through black and white

    Oh I just can't stop!

    Yes, it will be tough Until It Sleeps.
  3. Hark! I hear the Call of Ktulu! :D
  4. awesome gotta love new gear, top marks for getting decent gear. i swear by my sidi vertebra race boots, they have the torsion bar that runs up the side of the boot. ive crashed in em and had my foot under the bike as i slid on the road, scuffed the boot but i got up!! lil sore but not broken, kinda like my ego lol
  5. ooo sounds like the kinda stuff I'd like. How much are they?
  6. You also might like to take a look at the OXTAR TCS boot. (TCS = torsion control system)
    They are about $500 a pair.
    Raceway suzuki in niddrie stock them :)
    They are my choice of boot for my next purchase.
  7. damn! that's an expensive boot.... I don't know that my funds will extend that far... We'll see. I Might pick up some stuff I like at the expo - just all depends I suppose. I was looking to spend 200-300 on boots and ~600 on a helmet, and if i don't have enough cash for those fancy things, I'll be putting the majority of the money towards my head ;-)
  8. there bout 600 for sidi race and they have just released a new race boot called vertigo race which has custom fit buckles which would be my next boot of choice once ive worn out the others.
  9. I'd very highly suggest Dri Rider gear, I bought a Dririder Highway jacket, Nordic Boots and armored gloves ($120 worth) and im very happy with it, looks great and is comfy.
  10. Sorry to be the first person to tell youthis but Santa's not real. :) :grin: :)

    Still well done with the purchases.
  11. Nice choice with the Gaurdian Suit, I would luurve one of those, they reckon theyre the bees knees. Maybe one day :-k
  12. Rossi Boots!

    I have a pair of 802s that I've worn for 3 years straight. They're comfortable like you wouldn't believe.

    My dad and a few other people swear by the P134s. The lab manager where I used to study said that he's worn the soles out of his and not had to replace them. You can get them re-soled.

    The added bonus is that Rossi Boots is Aussie.
  13. Hmmm not such a fan of rossi in general... even back in the day's of secondary school where pretty much everyone had them...
  14. Still got mine from the late 80's - still fit and still look good - how tragic :-w
  15. they are a good boot, no doubt about it - I just object to them on a more aesthetic level ;)
    Shallow, I know.
  16. The choice of footwear of Bogans in Hobart at the time...

    Anyway you're due for good times and a steep learning curve with the licence, expo and 'uniform' - all the best with it!
  17. heh yeah. I'd say it's bike-overload except I don't think that's possible. ;)