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Two sick guns.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Two of Australia,s long time racing addicts are bloody crook.
    Ralph Stack, who lately has been racing in Period 5 post classic, had a Stroke a couple of days ago, and is bloody crook. Still in Hosp, of course. Getting better slowly. Hardly drinks. Non-smoker. Not fat. Dunno why.
    Tom Browne, Dealer Principal at Harley Davidson of Blacktown, and Aust. Champ in Post- Classic sidecars, as well as a long time Entrant and Sponsor of many other blokes, is in Hosp. with a Liver Cancer problem.
    Get well fellas. See you both back on the Grid soon.

  2. You should be good for 100, then, Rog :LOL:.

    Not good to hear, all the same, I hope what they have done is being appropriately recognised while they have the chance to enjoy it.....
  3. Yeah,Paul .They are surrounded with mates.
  4. Just got an update on these 2 blokes. Good news and bad news.
    Ralph has had another stroke, and is in Hospital, not travelling too well.
    Tom is doing well, and responding well to treatment.
    Get well, you two.
  5. Bad news . Tom Browne died on Sunday. Farewell mate.
  6. Very sad, Rog :(.