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Two Riders killed in Vic :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Smitty, May 23, 2005.

  1. ppls
    it was not a good weekend for us riders in Vic here at the weekend
    this is becoming something we are seeing too often in the media
    22 May 2005
    Update 18:49hrs


    A collision this afternoon at Emerald has claimed the life of a female motorcyclist.

    It appears the woman was overtaking a vehicle on Beaconsfield-Emerald Road near the intersection of Station Avenue around 1:45. The motorcycle collided with an oncoming vehicle and the woman died instantly. The driver of the other vehicle, a 40-year-old Cockatoo man was taken to hospital in Ferntree Gully with minor injuries.

    Police remain at the scene and will investigate the collision.
    The woman who died in today’s collision was a 39-year-old from Wantirna.

    Senior Constable Michael Henry
    Media Unit
    MDL 3631

    Road Toll 2005 156
    2004 145

    Police Media Release - Rider dies at Steiglitz
    22 May 2005
    1330 hrs

    A man has died after coming off his motorcycle this afternoon at Steiglitz near Meredith.

    It appears the man was travelling on the Steiglitz-Meredith Road shortly before 12:30 when the accident occurred. No other vehicles were involved in the accident

    The 66-year-old motorcyclist killed in today’s accident was from Hoppers Crossing.

    Senior Constable Michael Henry
    Media Unit
    MDL 3630

    keep it safe out there
    as I said, this is happening too often :cry:
  2. My condolences to their family and friends. Another 2 lost :(

    I didn't know until my colleague just mentioned that she was glad to see me and know that it wasn't me in the incidents.
  3. The first I heard of these was when I read this post. So sad to lose two more. Condolences to the family and friends of the riders.
  4. Condolences to family and friends concerned in this time of need.
  5. This not good news, I was travelling on the Beaconsfield-Emerald Road about 4.00pm yesterday. I really think it's about time we don't post these in the forum, it gets you really thinking is it all worth it.

    My sympothy goes out to both families.
  6. Whilst I am saddened for those families affected, I wholehearted support the posting of information like this on this forum in order to keep foremost that safety is our responsibility, and there are consequences for getting it wrong.
  7. a sad start to the day :(

    if that guy who came off near steiglitz was on the road i'm thinking of it doesnt supprise me, its a prick of a road some times. all covered in crap in the strangest of places.
  8. indeed.
  9. mate
    I started this
    and I posted it because while we all love our bikes
    the reality is that our roads are dangerous (whatever our mode of transport)
    and while we are out enjoying the ride(s), we need to constantly remind ourselves to be vigilant and aware..ride safe, if you like.
    Our safety is our responsibility......!

    yes, after more than 30 years on two wheels, it is still worth it :D

  10. Condolences to both families , especially left blank(wont put his name up) who was with us on lenos big day out charity ride . A sad ending for what was a good cause. It shock as all up.
  11. Yes, just for the love of god take it easy. It's like every week someone is dying.
  12. Keep posting

    I couldn't agree more!
    The "head in the sand" attitude is delusional. We NEED to be constantly reminded that we are in danger out there, if not from others, from our own over-confidence or stupidity.
    It certainly seems that, on the plain reading of these two incidents, the rider was solely to blame for the accident in each case. While some forum members find being told this unpalatable and would rather concentrate on what wrongs are brought upon them by car drivers, the facts are that the majority of motorcycle accidents are single vehicle accidents.
    So, yes, keep posting the facts, we need to be continually reminded that we, and we alone, are responsible for our own safety out there.
    Having said that, it is still a tragedy regardless of who was at fault and our sympathy should go to the families of those involved.
  13. I agree.

    Every time I hear about a death on the netrider forums it reminds me to be bloody careful out on the roads. My girlfriend had quite a scare when I was thirty minutes late rocking up to her place and she heard five ambulances go past.

    I know I'm _a lot_ more careful around Hoddle St since that death last year.
  14. So sad. Condolences to family and friends. :(

    Stay safe everyone.

  15. My condolences to their friends and family
  16. Sympathies to the families at this time.

    Please be careful everyone. Ease off a bit and stay safe.
  17. increase the TAC levey by another $50, that will fix the problem!

    condolences to all
  18. What do you mean by c%$k man ?
  19. The language filter keeps changing 'c0ckat00' (area in the Dandenong Ranges) to 'c%$k'

    No disrespect was intended.
  20. thanks for that
    saves me loading a reply
    ...sometimes computers are too smart for their own good... :LOL: