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Two Riders Down on Black Spur

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. I hope that this isn't anyone we know/ one of us.

    Between 4.35 and 5.50pm, Rider down, 15km out of Healsville Centre. Possible broken leg and large group of riders with him/her. Possibly near Dom Dom Saddle. Air 495 Ambulance/ Police called to carry them out.

    Also earlier a rider down futher towards Alexandra. Not sure about that one.

    I only heard about this as I am a member of local emergency servcies and we were put on stand by.

    Just a reminder to stay safe.

  2. I got there just after it happened (the one on the black spur). It was an older chap on some sort of cruiser. I helped slow traffic down approaching from Healesville as it was a blind corner, and I saw a couple of scary near misses (trucks/vans braking hard not seeing until the last second). Actually I thought i might have been around 4pm.
  3. & people say its an excellent place for learners to go to :LOL: :LOL:
  4. The spur is perfectly ok if you ride within your limits...riding outside of them gets you into trouble no matter which road you are on...admittedly the margin for error is small on the spur though...I have done reefton and the black spur numerous times while on L's as has Cadbury(my other half), provided you know your own limitations and don't try to keep up with the faster crowd you will be fine. However you must be on your toes and keep an eye out for oncoming cars, gravel etc...

  5. Its not about the learners limitations.. but rather what OTHER riders
    do which makes it not safe for a newbie (is what I'm talking about)
  6. Firstly, I hope the riders are OK ;)

    Secondly - I think the spur is a great place to take learners. ;)

    As mentioned above - it's a great ride if people stay within their limits. Push your limits and you're obviously inviting trouble.

    Even if riding in a group, don't be tempted to push yourself too far just to keep up with the faster lot. They'll wait at the next turnoff, and hey - if the don't, they're not worth riding with in the first place.


    EDIT: Kishy - looks like we posted at the same time. You're right that it's not always the noobs - but sometimes what others do around them. Still, I wouldn't warn a noob off the spur - maybe just to take care. ;)
  7. Speaking of pushing limits, on the way back to Healesville from this incident, I had absolutely no traffic at all, and pushed pretty hard. My tires now have that slightly melted look on the outer curves now, which is a first for me (pilot powers).
  8. no probs bro. :wink:
  9. :LOL: :LOL:

    Thats why I asked a coupla wks ago why my tyres are only lasting

    Ride hard all the time & you'll soon be replacing em again :p
  10. two bikes in a trailer at kinglake , one was a R1 with a flattened screen and the other i dont know but they must have pushed it a bit hard today
  11. Parkdale is just around the corner from me. Is your FZ1 the one with custom plates that I occassionally see on Nepean Hwy? Congrats with the powers :)
  12. Yep, that's me! To be honest, I saw the bike at Yamaha City, and only bought it because of the personalised plate (and ofcourse I was looking at the FZ1 specifically at the time) :wink: I've been looking out for an FZ6 around here but haven't spotted it yet!
  13. Is your plates FZED1?
  14. Yeah it is, sorry I should have actually said what it is, duh to me
  15. I agree. I think the Black Spur is a good place to learn - after about 2 months of constant summer riding. It's about taking it slowly and not being put off by other cars/bikes on the road. Having other more learned riders with you is a very big bonus. As a newbie, I don't think I have handled it on my own, when I think about it.

    There is a very good road called Mt St Leonards Rd which runs between Healesville and Toolangi which is not used that often, which is excellent for practising corners on. I used that a lot when I was learning.
  16. Myers Creek Rd. Good stuff...but can bite. Bottom section has a few pre-and-mid-corner dips, upper part is regularly crappy after rain/ storms due to the tree-cover, also turns green (mossy) during winter. Great road though...Together with Chum Creek Rd (Toolangi-Healesville) it makes a nice loop.
  17. Take the road from Kings Lake West to Yea, it's great for anyone including beginners. No suprises, lots of corners (mostly large sweepers) and some fun straights. I only found it about 10 months ago, blind idiot that I am ;), I usually turned left and headed down the hill.