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Two riders coming to Oz from UK in december

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by UkridersinOz, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Hi

    We are coming over to melbourne in december and riding to Perth on DR650's.

    Just thought i'd check in and say hello and what do you think we should bring to ride in? Mesh gear - draggin jeans? What do you think?

    Any good bike shops - events or anything?

    Anyone want to join us for part of the trip?


  2. Hello and welcome,
    December will be warm, so you will need air flow, depends on if your going off road or not, if your going off road I would suggest looking into the Horizons Unlimited web site,
    There are a heap of good trails and tracks along the way, I will be doing the trip like you plan in Aug, using a range of Off road Gear, MX knees guards, paddind, enduro jacket etc, thor armour, and draggin jeans cargo for the towns and night life!!!

    have fun,
    cheers al
  3. In December, dress for hot days.
    The long summer days will be your friend, cos you get more riding hours in the outback country. Bulk animals on the road at night. Nullabor is no exception. You will have a ball.
  4. Hi
    have used the horizons forum for many years and it has helped me with my other travels.
    Thank you

    Never been to Oz before but did ride in 44 degree heat in the sahara so i guess it won't be as bad as that?

    I have all sorts of gear here but i want to travel light and not bring everything. Draggin jean and Mesh MX top i think will do the trick? MX pants are to hot and man made for the heat i find.

  5. :rofl:

    Riding across the Nullabor, it will be fcuken hot. 40+ is not exactly unusual (45 is common, 50 degrees is possible). Our outback is hot, dry and unforgiving. Endurotour's advice on clothing was spot on.

    You need to cover as much of your body as possible to keep the sun off or it will burn your skin in minutes. Sunscreen is a must on any skin that is exposed. I have seen people come here from the UK and end up needing medical treatment for sunburn. Given that you will be covered in long sleaves etc. make sure it's light and provides lots of air flow. Air flowing through your gear will evaporate the sweat, keeping you cool. Also, take lots of water. You'll dring more than you might think and it can be a long way between towns. Lack of water and hot conditions leads to heat stroke. It's serious but if you're covered and prepared you will be fine.

    If you're camping at night you will also want something warm (you'll likely want it anyway at times). Nights can be very cold in the desert. The further inland you go, the greater the extremes of tempreture between day and night.

    I'm excited for you! There are soooooo many ways you could do your trip and it's going to be a ripsnorting adventure. I'm jelous as all hell. Listen to advice from locals as you travel, never underestimate how much damage a roo can do and you'll be fine. :)

    Think about putting a CB on your bike. Everyone uses them in remote areas because mobile phones do not work. If you get lost on trails or break down it will be your best bet for help. :)
  6. Probably fine but I'd wear armour under that. Medical attention will be a long way off so prevention is better than cure as far as injuries are concerned. I'd also carry a reasonable 1st aid kit, size depending on how far off main roads you plan to travel.
  7. Bastards! I hate you!!!

    Good luck with the trip, you're gonna have a ball. If you're serious about the trip, keep us up to date and post as you get nearer to arrival. Netrider is pretty good at organising coffee nights (!) and I'm sure we'll work something out to make sure you have a good laugh on your travels.

    This bloke did it well! Snapped in March at World Supers, PI.

  8. Don't forget a camelbak for each rider, to stay hydrated constantly, possibly spare water on the bikes...
  9. Bitches not bastards.... We are two girls doing this trip!

    Thnak you for the advice - We would love to meet all you riders along the way.
  10. Friday 19/12/2008 Fly out of Birmingham PM

    Saturday 20/12/2008 Fly in & out of Dubai

    Sunday 21/12/2008 Arrive Melbourne AM

    Monday 22/12/2008 Castlemaine - Apollo Bay

    Tuesday 23/12/2008 Apollo Bay - Halls Gap

    Wednesday 24/12/2008 Halls Gap - Adelaide

    Thursday 25/12/2008 Christmas in Adelaide

    Friday 26/12/2008 Adelaide - Wilpena Pound

    Saturday 27/12/2008 Wilpena Pound (Flinders Range) area

    Sunday 28/12/2008 Wilpena Pound - Ceduna

    Monday 29/12/2008 Ceduna - Madura

    Tuesday 30/12/2008 Madura - Esperance

    Wednesday 31/12/2008 NYE in Esperance area!

    Thursday 01/01/2009 NYD in Esperance area!

    Friday 02/01/2009 Esperance - Albany

    Saturday 03/01/2009 Albany area

    Sunday 04/01/2009 Albany - Pemberton

    Monday 05/01/2009 Pemberton - Margaret River

    Tuesday 06/01/2009 Margaret River area

    Wednesday 07/01/2009 Margaret River - Perth
  11. hope you are fit! thats a lot of riding!
    are you camping or in motels?
    there are a few bike shops in elizabeth st in central melbourne and there
    are camping stores near by (eg Paddy Pallin in little bourke st
    there is a good map store there somewhere too.
  12. I reckon these two'll be alright for first aid kits, camel backs and the like :) Could probably use a bit of local knowledge though eh?
  13. +1
  14. Pretty obvious, but be careful with the range your bikes can travel on a tank full.
    Some of these areas could have alot of distance between petrol stations, and at times it is pretty remote.

  15. I can help you out with a place to stay in Melb if you need it, and there's some very friendly types in Adelaide who have been very kind to us on our travels, so if you tug the right sleeves you may well save yourself a few bucks on a hotel room and get to party with some locals too!
  16. Hio again

    and thank you - yes local know how is what we need. Also would love to meet you locals.
    All our hotels are already booked and we have big tanks on the DR's so hopefully no need to worry about thta.

    If any one might like to meet up on the way then please pop me a PM and i'll keep it and get in touch in december.

    Christmas in teh sun! Thats gonna be weird!
  17. Not half as much as us richly tanned and bronzed locals spying your lilywhite skin and pale complexion....

    Then of course, I might also be a nice shade of blotchy red through overexposure to the sun. And slightly mad as a result...
  18. only my nose will have a tan - all other parts will be under bike gear.

    ANd i'm proper white almost see through! I'm pale pale pale

    watch me bbbbbbbbuuuuuuurrrrrrrnnnnnnn!
  19. You're gonna love it.
    As you're coming to Adelaide check out ridingSAour local South Australian forum.
    There should be some local group rides, barbies and stuff going on at christmas.
    Shame you'll miss the toy run though :cry:
  20. Thats a lot of k's (ok miles for you guys) in a short period.+1 to what Seany said. Its going to be far gin hot that time of year :shock: so yeah draggins and Dri mesh should be fine.
    The Nullabor is boring as bat chite so bring mp3 player. I remember the sign on 1 section that says "2nd longest straight stretch of road in the world" :-k 146km from memory but dont quote me.
    As Cejay said lots of critters, emu's, dingoes, roos, camels and some wild horses if your lucky, ESPECIALLY at night. Esperance is beautiful. Your looking at around 5000km(3000+mls) approx. Dont forget your sunnies :cool: